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WebCash - payment system for DLE site. This module is free to make payments using payment gateways and to the user's balance. With the help of paid plug-ins can add new features, such as transfer of money on the user's balance sheet for the news publication, recharge using the promotional code and through payment gateways, etc. The module includes four free plug-in, two for business purposes, and two plug-ins for the site: updating user accounts via payment gateways and statistics on transactions.

balance of the user can be stored on a variety of additional field or in a separate field in the table. Payments for goods or services can be carried out with the help of funds on the balance sheet or through the payment gateway. 7 are currently available for receiving payment gateways:

  • Webmoney
  • Paypal
  • Yandeks.Koshelek
  • Free-kassa
  • MegaKassa
  • Interkassa (beta)
  • Liqpay (beta)

Attention, pay checks through payment gateways implemented in test mode, there may be an error, please report them in tech support, fix immediately. This is especially true Liqpay. In the future, will be added to other popular gateways.


  • As of control system uses a unique filtering and sorting
  • which columns can be selected to display tabular data, which temporarily hide
  • Convenient, customizable to your needs, the admin menu
  • Financial statistics of payments and transactions on the user's balance sheets
  • Section on the site (similar personal account) for the user to view their transactions
  • It uses a powerful templating engine Twig, that allows the use of difficult conditions in the module templates
  • Advanced system additions - most of the work with the plugin settings and payment gateway takes the core system
  • ons settings are stored in serialized form in the files - this is one of the fastest ways to access settings
  • Auto Module Installer

Version DLE: 10.2 - 14.x

Download module: https://new-dev.ru/27-webcash-sistema-oplaty.html

Система управления сайтом DataCMS с большим функционалом (/ru/forum/1006835) Продается отличный скрипт-движок для киносайта MovieTime (/ru/forum/993056)

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