how to make a through analytics without roistat and the like

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Good afternoon / evening / night. There is a shop on the Russian printed materials and souvenirs with a range of over 1500 products, unique visitors per month to about 10-12 thousand visitors per month about 45,000 (statistics on Yandex metric koronokrizisa the year before). Use low-budget advertising Yandex Direct and Google advords, a lot of organic low-frequency, there are groups in social networks, we plan to implement email marketing and product recommendations. We do not use koltreking (multiple touches occur, and not always on the phone). There is a need to set up pass-through analysis. Roisaty, alitiksy expensive to use because they require monthly payments. I would like to build a system on the basis of lump-sum payment for the introduction, for example, based on Google or Yandex analytics metrics to see a summary of all sources of traffic, with proper setting goals well and clear visualization, for example Pauer bi or what else is there. Can we in this someone to help with advice or for a small fraction of what they say?

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I have news for you 2, and all the bad

1. If tariffs Alitiksa / Roistata for you, "expensive", then it is not necessary to rearrange the bed of feng shui, and the girls change

2. Through the analyst - it is not about traffic, but about the quantitative (financial) business performance (which, surprise, right?) "Lidom" online does not end there, because the crater - much longer and outside the interaction with the site

3. "Its penetrating analyst with chess and poetesses" possible, but as much I think she will rise considerably more expensive than ready-made solutions, and without any guarantee that it will work to share

PS - for through intelligence (tariff selection and system) need not "Unico" and "Visitors" and visits. Even at that, to understand it and to publish the relevant figures tyamy not enough ?! Pichalka yes

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There is a need to set up pass-through analysis.

Try it yourself:

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Thank you for the article.

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Then I put the question differently to better pass-through analytics and how to build? And then what better use roistat, alitiks, there is still some solutions? what are the pros-cons of the problem? listening alitiks ... roistat their version conveys not the correct data because they have their own engine and type alitiks takes all of Google's and they just ... I understand that this question "religion" in the selection of BI systems, but still I would like to hear the opinion of an authoritative community ...

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Then I put the question differently to better pass-through analytics and how to build?

tjagat api - write in google big query - hereinafter google data studio or your favorite power bi. long, expensive, needs support.

ps at the same roistata have a trial period of 14 days. why not try it, and then draw conclusions?

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