Hoster covers scams in the federal wanted list!

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Hello everyone!

I write your story briefly.

It so happened that I was thrown on the perfume, sent not what I ordered and counterfeiting, although I learned about originality before ordering perfume, said that the original perfume and the site indicated they had.

In general, found that acting professional fraudster, who is on the federal wanted list.

Stores by which people are throwing at

I gave them all the necessary data, but they just passed my complaint to the owner, even though I asked for any information he did not report as possibly hot pursuit could catch a cheater.

The network can be seen that a crook has thrown a lot of people, could do good work by blocking a rogue server, but they did not do it.

Apparently, the servers that are in the Russian Federation have Abuzoustoychivye ...

For my part I will take all the necessary measures to search for fraud. Once I learned that they are the owner of the federal wanted list, I called the police, as it was stated on the resource, where I found the information.

In fraudster online stores from black caviar, ending perfume.

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You have attached screenshots and proof, it would be reliable.

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Илья hip-hosting
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You could do good work by blocking a rogue server, but they did not do

They hoster, not court

Refer to the bodies, but already there they will be obliged to take measures

Scum on the black caviar. This, of course, interesting. Something we do not do that) ( ) VPS/VDS с быстрой установкой в России (Москва) и Нидерландах (Меппел). Telegram: @hiphosting( ) Email:
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And before buying a perfume you can not check the seller (shop)?

Теория и практика размещения заказов (
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In general, found that acting professional fraudster, who is on the federal wanted list.

Straight Sherlock Homs. I would like to hear a logical chain, as you found out. And with reference to what the people in the federal wanted list, it should be public information.

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Here is my message to be sent to the forums:

Warning: Scammers !!!

This post is not spam, and written to as few people as possible to come across the bait scammers database.

Perhaps we can come together and write a complaint to the prosecutor kolletivnuyu.

We kindly request to you. If you fall for this trick swindler or just want to help people, dispatch this message to friends or acquaintances.

The online stores are selling these counterfeit products, reporting, wherever possible, that it is original.

Here are links to shopping scam:


Also have a rogue sites on other topics, here is a partial list of them:

Goods sent by post of the Russian Federation, cash on delivery.

Sender: Smirnov Victor G.

The money goes to: Mosphilmovskaya St., 34, Moscow, 119285.

Sami products come without a receipt, when placing an order in the online store has not issued an order number.

Goods are sent completely different that was booked in the box with the order, there is no check.

Also, the Internet can be found in the search engines about their negative reviews.

It was also a message hoster where fraudsters are placed. All fraudulent sites the same IP address:

I suggest to get together and write a collective complaint to the prosecutor's office for fraud.

Judging by the reviews on the net, they have thrown a lot of people.

Owner data online stores violated the following articles of the Criminal Code:

1. Article 180. Illegal use of trademark

2. Article 238. The production, storage, transportation or sale of goods and products, works or services that do not meet safety requirements

3. Article 171. Illegal business (possibly)

And all this on a large scale.

For Google: cheating, divorce, crooks, scam, fake.

Here's a post VKontakte that Smirnov VG is wanted

I understand that the hosting company is not a court, but that it was possible to do a good deed for people and lock cheater ....

After hosting company contacted them, they called me and said you are allowed a refund, but what about those people who they have thrown, because they spent money and nerves will not be returned and even how many people can throw ...

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And how you use the bank? We had to say that the bank covers the scams and allows you to transfer funds to their account? =)

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And how you use the bank? We had to say that the bank covers the scams and allows you to transfer funds to their account? =)

And where does the bank?

Kidalnye shops are located at the host, if only to block the server, you can reduce the number of deceived people.

Especially hoster I have provided complete information in great detail with all screenshots, dates, etc ..

Typically, in other cases hosters have always gone forward, but there is the matter like a very serious or not?

Just think, what is there, is a citizen of the federal wanted list ..

PS Maybe I am, of course, it's not right, but because hosters can help in this situation?

I just asked them and even not to tell the owner that may be, an opportunity to get out on the trail a rogue, of course, not to me, and the police.

Mik Foxi
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Web hosting is not a court and not an investigator. If there is no obvious violations such as selling drugs, all of which can make a hoster - send you to court. And from then on all the investigators at a hoster find out who ordered hosting.

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And where does the bank?

And what have the hoster?

If you have infa on such people, it is necessary to write the cart to the police or the investigating committee with all the data.

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Nicholas, Leonid, I understand that, but as it turns out in this case in any way quickly if it does not respond?

Until the complaint be considered, as many more people can throw, but still ... this quarantine

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