I was offered a promotion

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first at Harvard and then at other universities.

And then at the University of Oxford, and then you wake up.

I brought it to the tops, so showered with messages

Most often, this automatic mailing or the collected databases when there is personalization, it means that the sales team is working better, but rarely sent something really worthwhile.

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I managed to bring it to the top in many midrange and low demand

That is, website pages are not themselves caught in the top, and you have them taken out. If you do not have time to continue to engage in the promotion, write instructions, which will be described in all that you do. And find an assistant who will not promote your site and perform the actions described in the instructions. It will cost inexpensive.

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If, however, you want to find the artist to promote, not to respond to those who wrote to you and offers its services. Look for yourself. Here there are good people on the forum. Read their posts, make a psychological portrait and the portrait as a specialist, and then in a PM to continue the conversation and further filter out.

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