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Investment proposal on asset management in financial markets.

Buffer (collective), the scheme consists of a team of independent from each other traders working on its own trading systems, but a single declaration (risk tolerance and volume), profit, risk and volume is proportional to the made between traders through the software developed by request. Such a solution makes it possible to have a number of key advantages over the classic control scheme (where the trader manages the investment account alone)

Namely: to minimize risks and qualitatively improve the smoothness of the yield curve. The solution is designed to the highest quality of diversification by dividing the volume of software and risks between mutually independent traders who do not have physical access to the account. Our team consists of 8 experienced traders, each of which has a successful personal trading experience. Such an approach enables efficient trading activity in the OTC markets.

Operation Example: Trading account 120,000 dollars

Account program is divided evenly between traders at 30,000. Every trader works and applies risk based on the amount of 30,000.

Trader 1 - yield 12 percent in the past month

Trader 2 - the yield for the month -6 percent

Trader 3 - month yield for 9 percent

Trader 4 - yields 7 percent in the past month

Summary of Invest bank (12 - 6 + 9 + 7) / 4 = + 5.5 percent

Total overall profit monthly bill is plus 5.5 percent

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