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good afternoon,

something I do not do search engine optimization, so I decided to ask here, once planted on ruSO link to the forum.

a resource -

in Yandex for thematic queries, he is shown first.

in google, I do it in the search results I can not see. I honestly do not understand why this happens. If someone explain what was happening, it would be interesting to know.

It has launched a very long time, from April somewhere. in search console it verifies the 3 weeks ago.

I certainly understand that it links a little outside. but it seems not the case.

something the first time I faced the such, it seems.

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YES simple question is so blurred and simple at the same time - even answer does not make sense.

Google and Yasha have different ranking system, the Yasha that flies without reference - in Google can chat away, and

google should be a reference, CEO and votetovotvse.

And do not forget that from the beginning of May it shakes like hell, the links not adequately respond (or rather, did), because right now it is not clear what should be done at all. I decided to wait a reference.

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There is an option that your hack Google does not take over the authority medsayt so stuffed away in the ass.

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Roman Tarasov:
There is an option that your hack Google does not take over the authority medsayt so stuffed away in the ass.

there is also the "official hack" it in the first place is always lit. any distinguishing features about the "credibility" as no. a new domain, a new resource was also launched later than said.

references to it a bunch, though, in all local media.

Valerie Meshko
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Or this resource is very well versed in terms of SEO promotion, has good statistics and attendance.
Or google was paid a lot of money for the fact that this resource would shine at the top. And they did not pay ordinary people.
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