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That is, you want to say that I took a domain on a blog that has been in the past owners of the sanctions and now nothing I can do with him to withdraw at least in the top 100?

You need a fantasy that all accurately describe.

Imagine that you bought a gazelki that prenadlezhat drug dealer and featured in a couple of cases of drug trafficking. But then it was stolen from the parking lot of police, searched it odd value, and then presented to you for 5 rubles.

And you are going to use it to deliver boyaroshnika of stalls, right in front of all the policemen. And just started to do it once you grab all the policemen, pritelayut helicopters are dogs jump, sniff this gazelki, are there still some sideways 5 kilos of drugs in addition to your 100 liters boyaroshnika ...

And you're lying face into the pavement and talking policeman - Can I go straight home right now, I do not want to go to fill out a piece of paper you ...

The WishMaster
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I was 20 years ago returned. Hyipy ...

How do you promote the site?

ПИШУ ТЕКСТЫ ДЛЯ ЛЮДЕЙ НЕДОРОГО. Тематики - туризм, СЕО, творчество, кулинария, шизотерика :) Лучший хостер и регистратор. Проверено. ( )
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The WishMaster:
I was 20 years ago returned. Hyipy ...

How do you promote the site?

I have a lot of backlinks to the same resources that is, HYIP monitoring and blogs as well as periodically banner ads do


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