How to automate the backup of the database

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And what about the advertised begete no functional backup?

There is. Climbed up, looked, did not like the way implemented.

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EvGenius, thank you very much. And as I wrote:

Automate what I'm doing hands - I go to the section hosting the database, click on the "phpadmin" next to the desired database, then click "Export", then press "button" and have a zipped file is downloaded in Chrome on disk E. That is all possible as -What to do so, to press one button to shoot? And that button is on Windows desktop.

You can be realized?

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I do not really understand that it is implemented?

It sold well.

1 button on the slave. table - clicked, download srhiv. where, in the E or somewhere else - should indicate so in the browser yourself.

or it is necessary to base, and one particular not all in a row?

also no problem - the right line in the script:

$ query = "show databases where ' Database' not like 'mysql' and 'Database' not like 'performance_schema' and 'Database' not like 'information_schema';";

on the:

$ query = "show databases like 'database_name';";

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I do not really understand that it is implemented?

on a computer program that does this:

comes from a browser hosting the database section, click on "phpadmin" next to the desired database, then press "Export", then press "button to download" and the file already downloaded to disk E.

Do I understand correctly ZennoPoster can do it if you teach?

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To be honest, I don’t know, but your question interested me and I would be very pleased to receive an answer

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