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Hello, need advice for previously did not launch inter-regional advertising company.

How best to organize?


There MI product itself is equally needed everywhere, without reference to the region. Shipping cost to all regions + -odinakovaya and fast enough.

There are regional subdomains on about 80 regions.

Partition many cards until about 1000.

I understand in a perfect world it would be to collect CR for each of the regions and to do an advertising campaign for each region. But it was okay to say 100 keys. But they will meet in each section to 30-40. Multiplied by the number of sections and the number of regions - will get a huge number of advertising companies. Make no problem can by collecting the total CK, then copy-paste to copy the company and add entering the names of cities in the ad headlines. But to make one-time fee.

How then it's all good service and support?

It would not be the domain and would not be higher CTR when entering a key in the declaration - I would not even think about it. (Subdomains on the prices of goods and everything is exactly the same - the same site, but the entry of titles and the text changes to the appropriate area (uniquely conversion will be higher than the regional domain).

What to do? How are you doing? Crushed into regions in such a situation? How then to support these ~ 500 advertising campaigns?

How to collect SMILING? Collect all of the Russian Federation? or each region separately?

* I have not talked about the advertising campaigns of commodity cards for ...

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Ozvuchte themes can be personal.

From the very subjects it all depends. One thing to clothes, another thing the car.

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