What methods of promotion work in 2020?

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A method works even bleeding sites by gluing domains 301 redirect? When I redeem-drops in their area, and you put a 301 redirect on your website?

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6 months ago ordered 100 of crowd, Guguli none indexed. In short, this garbage of crowd.

What you're the site for placement pootbirali? If 100 zaspamlennye pomoek punched xrumer - so it's not your crowd.

I do not work with the guarantee of indexation, for track indexing of links on other people's websites is quite troublesome. But already repeatedly addressed customers with a request to work with the indexation of guarantee, after giving ordered without a guarantee and then repeatedly asked again.

From which I conclude that the result is.

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Recent observations))

Enjoying the sites in the top (age, number of pages, number of links)

Articles using queries "with this alone"

The Direct add a request for a minimum price to the search and YAN in Russia

Enjoying the density and number of words in the text of the competition, the number of occurrences of the word


Links GGL / miralinks to trust sites

Without direct entry key

And not through "Sapovskie"

Ts on copyright with the keys from the query at a distance of words in the query - the query words

If a new site - a key domain

Isolation i and em - query words and synonyms

Internal links (relinking) - query words

Lists through li - query words, synonyms and dedicated

Alt for images - query words

Title picture - word synonyms

Deskripshn with h1 and emoji

Keyvords with synonyms and spectral words

Drop domains with history

Commercial factors:

- brand queries at the tips

- The company is represented in the VC, FB app, twitter, insta, Youtube

- There are direct calls

- References in media

- Various traffic channels

- Mobile app

- Urban Room 8800

- Contact staff members of departments, directors

- Address and Map

- E-mail domain

- Messengers

- Chat with consultant

- Requisites

- The range and completeness of semantics, not worse than the competition

- The first catalogs of products podkostnye vordstate

- Product Status (available now!)

- Company Page - description, history, certificates, awards, Contacts key employees, owner biography, presentation of the company under the jump

- Shipping page - to issue, withdraw zone calculators

- the payment page - kinds of payment, picture, payment terms of enrollment, Finnish guarantees

- Offer and the agreement on the processing of data Persian

- Product Card - filled. Photos, videos, information about delivery and payment, reviews, other useful infa (the result of the product of the work)

Text analyzer rush analytics and just magic, in which zones keys

Site structure and the core through keys.so

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Recent observations))

Good boy, smart books began to read. Now learn to do the right conclusions - it does not work. Or rather - running is not the way you would like it ..

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Good boy, smart books began to read. Now learn to do the right conclusions - it does not work. Or rather - running is not the way you would like it ..

Pfft ... at least for one site to do so?)

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Addurilka will drive the bot page. If a page is bad (FP opinion), it does not fall in the index, even though the number of times to re-index it sends.

100% and do not climb the old life of me, through new addmyurl threw and norms traf went

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