Auto payment for website services

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Auto payment for website services

We are glad to inform you that the auto payment for website services has been enabled. Now all users of the website are able to select the necessary paid functions in their Profiles and pay by card on the spot.

Click the Pay button, specify your card details and confirm your payment. The funds are credited instantly, no manual confirmations from the website are required.

The services are provided according to the paragraph 3.11 of the Forum Rules — in case of violations or an erroneous payment, no refunds are made.

In addition to the specified functions in the Profile, two more services are available directly on the forum:

  • Official "renewal" of a topic is available for authors willing to move up their topic in the list.
  • Paid editing is provided for topic starters whose "free" editing right has expired. Upon clicking the "edit" button, they will receive an offer to pay for the service.
    After making a payment, you will have one week to use the feature. You will be able to edit the topic title and content.
    Note: You have one hour to make your changes from the moment you start editing your post. Please think in advance what you want to change.

The service is enabled immediately after the funds are credited. The entire order history is available in the "My payments" section.

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