Changes in all the articles badly affected the rankings?

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June 6, introduced in all articles of the changes resulting from the site began to sink in Google and Yandex, this is a coincidence or the direct effects of reindexing pages? Was one such experience?

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And what kind of change? I did not notice this on their websites. Changes'm doing all the time, even on an article from the top.

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It depends on what you do for the engine. For example in the WP doubles are often created when redaktiruesh material. And this principle is not terrible, but there is a feature I would say: if prohibit Robots indexing these duplicates, bots still index them and include in the search, so that the site gets quickly under the filter, it is clear from what. But if there is no prohibition, bot indexes, but does not include them in the index, and then everything is fine.

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In general, a common mistake when copying robots.tht

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Well, I decided to add at the top of each article, some refinements, such as by reading this article you will learn how to do this and that. Thereafter, the bounce rate decreased, reading time has improved, in general has led to a better, albeit slightly but still. However, traffic from google and Yasha started falling and falling evenly and Milo keeps on a level.

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How long does the fall?

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Published June 6 and 8, started falling and so far, has already fallen by 50% (from 15,000 to 10,000), mail as well as give and give 1000 a day.

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For example in the WP doubles are often created when redaktiruesh material.


You can at least some confirmation of these words?

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I have a general site on php files without engine and Robots written one line - this is the way how the site map. Changes other than a couple of sentences to the text did not exist.

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According to the idea over time should all be restored, but generally any mass changes is not always very well affect the position.

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Sportmas, when editing articles in 90% of cases they subside. And only 10% of cases could reach the Top 5 if, for example, had previously been on the second page.

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