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Reflections on YAN.

Interested in this moment: YAN rates are set from 0 to 100% of the coverage of the audience. Depending on the set rates in the web interface is shown as a percentage of coverage (also from 0 to 100). FAQ Yandex - "Audience - is forecast to show your ads in YAN and external networks."

It's all clear of course, but the reports Directives YAN in the "Avg. Traffic volume" everywhere the numeral 100. What is it? I have for example put up rates to cover a maximum of 30% coverage. Where can I see the actual volume? With gugom example of such a question is not present, there can be all of the CCM to view and thoroughly the tail and mane, and, accordingly, to make adjustments based on the actual values of the statistic. Here though it turns out you put 5% coverage, at least 100% - a figure on the amount of statistics is 100. Why then these data if they are always the same and do not have what that utility.

What will Mr. Gromov?

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