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Here we are - Independent rating platform, where you can share your experience in electronic money systems. Askwallet was created by a team of professionals in the fintech industry during the lockdown. 

The demand for freelance workers is on the rise, but it has always been clouded by some concerns: how to collect payment from international clients, risk of missing payments, transfer fes, exchange rate margins, and delays in funds transfer. If you will be working with companies outside of your country, you need to find a payment method which is available in yours and your client's country. If you could find out the answer to these important questions easily, such as opening new accounts, ordering a card and issues like losing out money on international payments due to bad exchange rates, it would have saved you from additional efforts.

Methods such as bank transfers or PayPal are generally available worldwide and are safe if you are willing to accept some of their disadvantages (such as long transfer processing times and commission). The transfer fees is another aspect to consider. You need to do research to understand how transfer fees work, especially if you will be paid frequently or if you plan to bill relatively small amounts. You also need to pay attention to payment applications and services that have low fees. Still, many freelancers are clueless whether Bank transfer or PayPal, or any other e-money service such as Skrill, Transferwise, Payoneer etc., would be the best choice for them.

We were struggling with the same problems and were asking the same questions — and get no answers. It was quite difficult and tricky to find real reviews and real users to understand the actual situation with e-wallet or payment system companies. 

As a fully remote team we have created an innovative rating platform, which helps people to find a solution for their finances and influence on a company's services. 

Our mission is to bring customers and business together to make financial services better.

We give everyone a voice. We do not moderate reviews, so users may share their real experience whether it is negative or positive. 

We accept only real people and industry experts reviews and appreciate every shared story.

We truly believe that our platform will provide an unique opportunity to influence financial service providers that are operating with our money. 

If you’re struggling with an electronic money company and have no clue, please feel free to join our community to tell about your problem and find support. Let’s influence fintech companies together!

Visit and read real experiences and share yours. Everyone will be heard. 

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