How to hide counters from google?

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Good afternoon!

On the website in my articles is the title of the text, and then a new line counters are views, and then a new line content. Estestevenno all separated h1 and div-s as it should be. The problem is that the issuance of Google outputs pages with these counters, well, for example:

Read a book....

Views 105, published 01/01/2019, the book can be read .....

How to hide these counters from google that he did not indexed? Javascript does not work like they say

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It seems it should work:

<? Php if (preg_match ( "/ Googlebot / i", $ _SERVER [ 'HTTP_USER_AGENT']) === false):?>
<! - here html code counter ->
<Php endif?; ?>
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MAVZ2, here at cha damn problem ...

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skybee, Thanks for the advice! I still made via javascript but more complex - download counter in document.ready, let's see what it will give.

In general, this can be the cause of reducing the number of clicks - to find people see that some numbers, and move on.

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