Server at home. How? What? How many?

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At the expense of "no backup" yes and no. Remote needed. Worth a dime, is reset to amazon s3 automatically.

A usb copy is not an extra on hand.

In general, an interesting toy, about the practical applicability has not yet decided.

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TC if the server hamsters was acquitted, it would be plenty of solutions "out of the box" on the market. And they do not exist and no offers. ETOGES not casual ...

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TC if the server hamsters was acquitted, it would be plenty of solutions "out of the box" on the market. And they do not exist and no offers. ETOGES not casual ...

Yes, half of the so-called server - a common home accessories, only cost somewhere in the data center. So buy the server hardware - also no problem is. nafig it is not necessary for the house only.

But home server and an external administrator - not very logical ,. What's the Admin? In fact on the router must forward 80, port 443, and google about adjustment apache / nginx. Everything else is put out of the box and runs by itself.

Это просто мой личный сайт ( в моей подписи.
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and the meaning of what the house hold serious ..?

I drove back in the house 2000`nyh n`noe number of "carts" but then = itself ... that it is easier and safer to keep it away from home. For out expensive ....

2 real ip, 2 channels from different Isp (main, reserve) ... Air conditioning + electricity, plus a cisco ... yes and noisy (the cats were against) ...

but it was in those codes when vps / vds cost prohibitive price of space ......

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Server at home.

mamamoyadoragaya .. 2020 to the courtyard, and all such matters ..

online store

And a home server? !!!

Well, the house except pies to sell.

Internet home stable

This is already an oxymoron.

And if you think about the system as a whole and all - nonsense (see in some places maybe not for long and it is possible, but will be released very expensive).

Already occupied disk space - 2GB (from 2 provided => have to switch to a more expensive rate), is now hosting costs - 1100 rubles / month.

2 GB of screw 15S / month?

Where do you find these hosters? Me on the normal and not par EDT.

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If you are confident in your own channel, and there are no finances, it is possible as for me, not only for commercial projects in order to save thousands of rubles a month.

To buy to play a NAS forwarding the necessary ports through the router, install bespereboynik channel stable 50mbit abroad to return, and the monitor stastitiku ping to the server until all are satisfied. If everything will continue, Otobaya all this year. As it turned out Webstation + Mysql out of the box guzzle less resources and work better on the SSD with SSD caching for static than xeon server on which it is necessary to always monitor for updates, etc.

Plus also the fact that we have a bunch of servers your application associated with synchronization, backup, auto-update package + home local server for multimedia (video, photos, music) as it turned a funny thing, is now a family photo archive is stored and always have access to it, if to someone you have to show.

Another convenient time, if at all zamoryachitsya, connect the two providers to plug two of them in a box, with the fall of one switch to the other ip, in which it is not necessary to change the server's nothing we will give two ip equally.

Guzzles 30 watts, that count savings statics which is rarely requested and the volume occupied by a decent place, the most it.

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Want to save - look for other hosts + often when paying for a year give discounts. And all sorts of savings will come home more expensive, if something happens to the server and the admin will ask 8-10 thous., With no guarantee that the next week will not be repeated.

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Server at home - archaic, but in the early 2000's I had (and not only me) stupid game for myself, it is unreliable, a big headache and expensive. Month for three or four I had enough. ;)

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My opinion - not worth it. Only if you do not have a specific online service related to deep learning, only then it will be beneficial because of the price that is asked hosters can every month to buy a new video card. For MI - only VPS / Dedicated Server in a tested data center.

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And I say the opposite. Server at home is quite normal gland - a normal practice. Only then, if your ISP is not installed bespereboynik nutrition, expect problems. You need to be able to work and n-number of hours with UPS (can not help with the big downtime), for example, my neighbor across the floor flooded and had to cut not only water but also electricity, although the server is so convenient that it is not accessible.

Decide whether you need downtime in a couple of hours, if so, to keep the house.


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