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Yes :) At least - you get experience, that's fine too.

Предлагаю VDS, IaaS, Dedicated. http://riaas.ru (http://riaas.ru)
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Tsu success :)

aypishnika tried to hide behind cloudflare

By the way, be sure not to use the CF in the territory of the Russian Federation, as their IP addresses in most cases are under lock and part of Roskomnadzor providers without DPI will block https requests to your site.

We can offer our protection to sites on favorable terms.

Защита сайтов, vps и дедиков от DDoS атак - Cloud-Shield.ru (https://cloud-shield.ru)
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We have created a line of AMD EU to virtual servers based on AMD processors.

Begin the line with Finland, Helsinki (Hetzner)

All your virtual servers using NVMe drives, the speed of which exceed the speed of conventional SSD drives at times!

Installing the server takes place in a matter of seconds!

Before ordering a server, please contact us at the end of a topic contacts, since the active development of automatic installation of the control panel has been suspended.

Payment Methods:

Yandex.Money, credit cards, Alpha click, Sberbank Online.

Payment is automatic.

Forward to consideration of the application for connection Qiwi :)

All virtual servers are under the basic protection from attack. Also it is possible to transfer your virtual server on location with OVH GAME protection in Poland

It is possible to install additional IP addresses. The cost of each additional IP: 100 rubles a month.


Website: hip-hosting.com

Mail: frct1@hip-hosting.com

Telegram: @ frct1

VKontakte: @hiphosting

Make CIS great again... https://hip-hosting.com ( https://hip-hosting.com ) VDS/VPS с быстрой установкой в Москве. Telegram: @frct1 ( https://t.me/frct1 ) Email: sales@hip-hosting.com
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Thanks for sharing these great tips about blog commenting. Keep up the great work.

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