Black list of traders: @Cryptr @CRYPTRS Ant @Cryptr Kriptotreyder ™ Club kriptotreyderov

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Good afternoon!

I would like to fill the black list here these telegrams channel: @Cryptr @CRYPTRS Ant @Cryptr Kriptotreyder ™ kriptotreyderov Club

It is not that people threw in the full sense of the word, but it is very weak as a trader, plus indulges in petty cheating when drawing his channel nonexistent profits (for example, there were 2 times when he threw the same screenshot for different transactions) and allegedly located in the deal, although it was supposed to dislodge the stop-loss. Was he in a closed VIP channel for about six months. The result of all this time, near zero. I bribed him a public channel, where all always smooth and beautiful. The VIP-channel zero result. Sorry for the money spent.

I invited him to return part of the money wasted, what was rejected.

I do not advise anyone. Who needs the details - write in PM, try to answer.

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