update 06/10/2020

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Database updated. How do you project? Rising or falling?

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Yes complete asshole!

Was 70K pages in the index was 348

And so for each site. What kind of nonsense is going on ???

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This mass at all so. Probably a glitch.

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Yes complete asshole! Was 70K pages in the index was 348 and so for each site. What kind of nonsense is going on ???

The same garbage. And why traffic?

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was 300k pages was 250, right at the traffic it did not say it was ka 0 and remains 0, 1 Week website.

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It is time to change the motto Yashke: Yandex-nothing new!

80 crash sites cleaned of all pages on the projects that by 1000 pages 2-4 pieces left to find. Recently, Google begins to give more cores than Yandex, therefore this nedopoiskovik with a bunch of advertising gradually begin to score.

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The same on-demand "host: | host: www." 0 pages.

In this case, in fact all of the pages in the index. Looks like Yandex again bad.

In general, Yandex zadolbal zamudronnymi with their algorithms, which ultimately work through one place. In google young women, which is 1 month, already has 10-50 positions, and these positions are growing steadily upward, with little or no reference. In Yandex almost all the keys in the top 100. It seems necessary to zabustit behavioral guidelines.


The situation is similar. We stayed in the main index.

UPD: operators broke down along the way. Or maybe they all will soon be removed, because nefig.

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All it spilled. Already, the plant will not get :(

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The same is true for all sites chopped page.

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Pages must look to the webmaster!

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