I can not find a hidden link

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A cache and / or superkesh cleaned?

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Had, in a particular subject themepix.com not at all, I removed all visible.

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I'm on the same topic few requests of this type. While not delved much that their trails. Topics support said that it is a plugin of some sort.

The URL: http://ocsp.pki.goog/gts1o1

Host: ocsp.pki.goog

🔇 Аудиореклама выключена
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SeVlad, so this site in the first places in the SS. Cesspool can rise so much?

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Cesspool can rise so much?

And why not? Easy. Years of work (it is not the most famous dump in RuNet), the normal content on the site, the normal FF + Beks cloud of broken threads. What else is necessary for happiness?

Ida. Left links - this is the most harmless that is found in the themes of the garbage dumps.

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SeVlad, so this site in the first places in the SS. Cesspool can rise so much?

Kick theme, just for reference the garbage file function entirely of ssylok🤪

Sidebar.php open the file in an editor and remove the line

7-24 (<div class = "addthis_toolbox"> ..... </ div>)

106-108 (<div class = "sidebaradbox"> ..... </ div>)

PS It is better to replace https://wordpress.org/themes/

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