What kind of game in Yandex with gluing http and https?

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Recently, just some trash:

-Teryayutsya prescribed regions

Several ups-already does not change the main mirror

-And today - the cherry on the cake - 2 sites lost during re-indexing and titles are shown in the issue only NPCs (and consequently the position down)

As a whole - general indexing works disgusting, a month does not change favicons on one site, the other did not depart the closed investments page ... There's quite all broken?

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same. Boca some of gluing, there is a long time not recall that did not change the primary mirror

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Several ups-already does not change the main mirror

Once three months kleilos. HOST benefit of the Directive has worked ...

LA 164

gluing occurred

B 155

People, you here 12 years ago as a zaregalsya, I think the experience is the same)) summer Yandex does not work))

PS In the conventional gluing mode is for a week, the site recently to 500 subdomains-stick, there are still dinosaurs.

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