Oinakovye latozhnye details on different accounts


Good day to all.

Question. My wife - my YT channel - she scored bank details.

Adsense pays regularly. I have about 40 sites there came + pin (Confirm).

Can I specify the details bankovkie wife or just need her?

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Ask my wife, she seems to be the main family. Even you come up with a nickname.

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details can not be identical but may be any other even though his grandfather

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Better on different accounts different payment details to use - from sin

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open the certificate

Publishers are not permitted to maintain multiple AdSense accounts under the same payee name. (Read - the same bank account)



I got it. Thank!

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Yuzayu odnku card three years. No problem

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Yuzayu odnku card three years. No problem

No problem. I just quoted the rules.

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