How to manage brand reputation

Reputation is more important than money. It builds trust, from which sales depend. Is it possible to control the reputation on the Internet? Yes, with a SERM.

Author: Artem Shcherbakov, SEO-specialist agency BDCenter Digital

Users have long ceased to blindly trust what is written in the advertisement or on the brand website. When they want to learn about the company's more, they are looking for information about her on the Internet, read the first reference - as a rule, with reviews - and believe them.

How to monitor brand reputation

Monitor information about a brand are two main ways:

1) Analyzing the entire Internet

This can be done using automated services. For example, YouScan, Social Bakers or IQBuzz. These reviews monitor program that allows you to assess the situation and determine the scope of work to rectify reputation.

This method is called ORM (Online Reputation Management).

2) analyzing the search results only

To do this, you need to drive to find 5 to 15 key requests by line, industry, and product and analyze the first page. Usually follow any responses in the top ten, at least - in the top 20 results.

It is this SERM technology available for independent use, we would like to give full attention.

What to do

1. Determine why you SERM

  • Oh you a lot of negativity on the Internet. It is necessary to displace the negative information about the brand of the SERPs. Or your company is faced with information attacks unscrupulous competitors, in this case, you need to shift the focus from the negative content.
  • About your brand enough say. If a company operates in a little-known field of regular users, something about it can not be a review and potential customers, who are looking for information about the brand on the Internet, run across the "black hole" that must be filled.
  • You have launched a new product or service and want to understand how it was received in the market. Given this knowledge you want to refine the product and create him a good reputation.
  • To search for new growth points. With SERM can determine the weak and strong sides of the company from the client perspective. This can greatly help in crisis situations.

Having defined the purpose, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Collect the key inquiries

To find out what is written about the brand, it suffices to analyze the most influential sites and resources from top issue on key demands.

How to identify the key questions:

1. Using the logic

We write requests that have the greatest impact on brand reputation. The main mask, which can look up information about almost any company:

  • brand name;
  • brand name + city;
  • brand name + feedback / review / review / scam;
  • the name and surname of the head of the company;
  • name of the product / services of the company.

2. With the help of programs for the collection of key phrases:

- free services and

- Program Key Collector and Slovoeb.

Screenshot Key Collector

3. Search suggestions Yandex and Google:

Enter the name of the brand in the search box and see what users are often looking for

4. Services,, or


5. Web Analytics:

  • Yandeks.Metrika

Tab "Last search phrase" reflects the queries that users have visited the site.

  • google Analytics

Shows not all requests due to the privacy policy. If you are looking for information on the network users who are logged into your Google account, their requests will be hidden.

3. Analyze the search results

When we collected the key questions you need to find them promonitorit Yandex and Google. To do this:

Define a region where looking issuance

Because the same key request shows different results, depending on the search region.

The screenshot on the left search region - Belarus. Issuance shows more relevant links.
The screenshot on the right - Russian region.

Collect of issuance

Should start with the elaboration of 5-15 the most popular key phrases. So we will find the most viewed site with information about the brand. Almost all users look at only the first two pages of issue, so we recommend that only analyze them.

Results can be collected:

Manually. This method is suitable for small projects with a small number of regions. Facilitate the work plug RDS Bar, which is a copy of pressing issue in excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

The results of the plug on an example of a key request McDonalds

With services:

  • - a program with great potential: collecting semantics unloads statistics from popular services via the API, manages the data and monitors the effectiveness of the implemented changes.

EXAMPLE like key-collector collects the results issue for "cottage cheese". Charge may be administered in several requests
  • - service for the analysis of site positions. You can put on and take off deep parsing issue in dekstopnoy and mobile versions of Yandex, Google and
  • A-Parser - multi-threaded parser search engines, services, resource assessment and key phrases.

Rate tonality

The data obtained should be inserted in the excel-table and classify the resources as a function of emotional coloring.

This can be done with the help of services. But we recommend to do it by hand - so the tone is determined more accurately. Each decides what percentage of negativity is acceptable to him, but at the initial stage, you can use this table:

EXAMPLE tonality determination table:

Green represents the resources with a positive tone, the red ㅡ with negative, neutral gray ㅡ or related to the company.

4. Develop a strategy

After key resource is defined and we see the overall picture, it is necessary to work out a plan of action.

Fix the problem, which provokes negative

Negative information can point to real flaws in the product or service that you want to remove. If this is done - the new positive results gradually displace negative.

Fill giving positive information

Your goal is to fill the first page of the maximum possible number of positive results.

The easiest way - to displace negative reviews to the site or Article 10-20 of the top issue in the search. Negative information will still exist, but it will not see the 99% of your customers. This method uses the most SERM-specialists, as this is the easiest way to the inexpensive.

You can also agree with the administration of the site, which posted negative information. Some resources are ready to remove it for a fee, but it happens very rarely.

Below is a look at what sites can post information about the brand, to drive out the negative of issuance.

An example of a typical issue request branded

The site of the company

Create an online profile with your reviews and feedback form. So visitors can leave comments and receive answers to their questions.

Moderate sure all incoming information: page fill existing review and optimize it for search engines.

Website reviews

They collect the most traffic, and are always in search of the top. It has its own site with reviews for each business area. But there are websites where you need to place any company, regardless of the activity:;;;;;;

You can also host your website reviews about the work:;;;

Price aggregators

Card organization posted on trust resources, it has a good chance to get into the top issue. For example, online shopping, be sure to place their products on such platforms as of Yandex.Market, products of,

Books and Catalogs

It is important to fill out the company's portfolio to the maximum: description, photos and contacts. This will improve indexing and ranking pages in search: 2GIS, the IDB, the Yellow Pages, Flamp, ZOON.


Thematic portals, where users discuss products and services in various areas - a great opportunity for self-management of the company's reputation.

Be sure to create an account on the official forum and its own discussion thread. Regularly monitorte mention of the company and provide useful content on the subject.

Q & A Sites

Such sites - a powerful tool that is able to quickly change the attitude towards the brand. To start the mechanism is sufficient to leave questions about the company, and then gradually to answer them.

You can start with Ответы - this resource is the fastest rises in the search, and the mention of keywords in the title and the theme will be useful for SEO.

Accounts in social networks

Brand pages on social networks are displayed in the search results. In order to be in the top, you need to:

  • enter into the NC (human-friendly URL) brand name in Latin,
  • fill your account information: add a photo, description, mode of operation,
  • regularly update the profile.

Use: YouTube, FB, Vk; Twiter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedln

PR-articles in popular media

Publications on media sites - one of the most effective tools SERM. These resources have a greater attendance, high Trust and well indexed. Placed on their links with the mention of great brands are ranked and easily rise in the issuance of the desired keyword.


They increase audience loyalty to the brand and is well located on the first page. For this article for a blog should be written using keywords.

Start a corporate blog is optional, you can just stay in the blogger.

Blogging can be in the special services:, Yandex Zen,,,


Trust sites HR-agencies are easily in the top, and the availability to them of quality of the cards help dislodge from the issuance of the negative reviews.

Card organizations on Yandex and Google Maps

Many search engines have the card organizations. They contains important information about the company, its ratings and user reviews. These cards appear in the issuance of branded searches, so you need to fill them efficiently.

5. Regular monitoring results

SERPs are constantly changing, so it is important to regularly monitor the results. Update table with the issue once a week. So you will see the situation: whether the new sites were added in the top 10 or not.

Monitor the search results, you can manually and with the help of services:

  • Google Alerts. The most common monitoring tool. Set up alerts for the brand and regularly receive mail notification of all references. So we can respond promptly to the appearance of reviews and to prevent ingress of unwanted material to the main issue.
  • IQBuzz, YouScan, Kribrum, Reputometr. Automatic services that define key sites and the presence of negativity.

The displacement of the negative of the top issue is not a panacea for the company's reputation. Tangible results will be achieved only comprehensive work: it is necessary to understand the causes of negativity to constantly improve the quality of goods and services and to build a friendly relationship with customers. However, given the article scheme is good enough to achieve one or more goals.

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