As the digital-market is going through a time of crisis, and what to prepare - study

Today published the results of a survey agency managers, whose main objective was to identify the latest trends in the digital-market associated with the onset of the economic crisis. Survey organized by the digital-analytical portal CMS Magazine and Tenders Workspace.

Here are some of the most important figures that reflect the latest trends to market players could correlate its internal situation with the situation in a business colleague.

More than half of digital-agency showed optimism in assessing the current situation and the desire to improve their position in the market even in volatile economic conditions. This position is most typical for agencies high and super-high price segment.

63% of agencies in the current environment does not plan their activities for more than three months in advance, and 5% and does not build any plans, responding only to current realities.

More than 70% of the agencies in April and May felt the reduction of budgets of its customers, and almost the same - reduce the number of new applications:

43% of respondents felt the decline in margins. This is typical for agencies specializing in SEO, contextual advertising and web design.

In addition, 28% digital-agencies are faced with an increase in the cost of customer acquisition. In 47.9% of the agencies, most projects are frozen, at 45.1% - decreased size of the budget, 14.6% accelerated deadlines. 30.6% faced with increasing customer debt, despite the fact that in March, only 26.6% reported it.

63% of respondents in the spring began to provide its clients with crisis conditions, and 26% - have lowered their price tag. It is important to note that the survey did not provide explanations, because of what conditions the agency changed the price. Massive "sales" in digital - a rarity (with the exception of outsourcing / out staffing) and agencies rarely resorted to the practice of public price cuts, displayed on their sites. Probably the agency is now the preferred approach to price changes and other conditions individually, including taking into account the state of the industry, which are clients.

It is noteworthy that during the summer plan to increase their prices 29% of agencies and reduce - 6.2%:

Among those planning to increase the value of its own services, dominated by companies that provide services for technical support (50%), contextual advertising (42.9%), web design and e-commerce (33.3%). And among those who are going to lower - specializing on the same technical support (25%) and SEO-services (11.8%).

In a crisis, 34% of agencies have increased their spending on PR and marketing. Almost a third resorted to staff reductions, referring to less than 10% of the state, and 1.5% were forced to cut more than half of employees.

12% of agencies over the past 2 months have already changed their own specialization in the types of services and almost as much - on the areas of customer activity. 15% of this spring have been forced to significantly speed up their own production processes.

These changes can be characterized as significant and rapid. Over the past two months at least every eighth agency has revised its portfolio of services. This is contrary to a fairly smooth evolutionary processes inherent in Runet.

Back to the office in full force after the removal of restrictive measures is planning only a quarter of respondents, and another 37.7% is going to do so only partially. Almost 20% will continue to be to work in a remote format.

Interesting observation when in March to return to the office in full planning for the third agency, then two months later - a quarter. Perhaps some agencies managed to find previously unknown benefits of working remotely, or simply adapt to the realities. Not be discounted and the time that the return to the office for some agencies can be quite problematic - someone has already handed over the keys to their landlords, and someone had to hire employees from other regions.

The study showed that the overall digital-market is quite confidently passed the first stage of the crisis. Only a third of agencies - 33.1% - said that they are now hard. None of the respondents chose the option "Yes, already planned closing." However, 12.4% of the agencies can assume probability of its closure until the end of the year, and another 2.1% of the owners plan to sell their business.

Anatoly Denisov, chief editor of the CMS Magazine:

"In addition to other factors, the significant contribution to the current economic crisis has made pandemic covid. By this turn of events was not ready, not only businessmen but also state structures. And the situation is alarming - paralyzed obviously a long time will find a lot of sectors of the economy, on which depends the welfare of the players digital-market.

We are pleased that the agency generally does not lose heart, but it is clear that the rosy forecasts of many of them did not materialize. A large part of the market has already felt the drop in sales and a decrease in customers' current budgets, and there is no reason to think that after the lifting of restrictive measures, the situation has dramatically roll back to the previous figures. It should continue to strictly control costs, monitor the accounts receivable, as well as continue to look for opportunities to increase their real usefulness of business sectors. "

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