40+ ways to use your logo on 100%

Author: Igor Volkov, marketing in Logaster.ru - the company's online developer of corporate identity.

Some businessmen believe that the creation and promotion of branding - a task for major brands and companies with a large market share. Ostensibly, you must first develop your business, and only then think about his identity. And some simply order corporate symbols just because "everyone else is doing." That is, they attract a designer, get ready symbolism, and that's it. As such, the identification will not work in the business.

Why is it important to promote your logo

That usually do entrepreneurs using branding without any strategy? Place the logo on the site, business cards, and outdoor advertising. But this is not the whole list of options for the use of the logo. The more branded objects - the wider the scope of the audience, which has a brand name will be associated with the brand. It is clear that recognition and memorability growth brings benefits to the business.

On this basis, it is important not only to create a unique, beautiful and easy to understand the company's logo, but to use it effectively, spreading correctly.

Get at least the world-famous companies. They brendiruyut everything that is possible. For example, the manufacturer LEGO designers created an empire, focusing not only on the development of toys. They have amusement parks, grossing feature films and cartoons, the rights to which have bought many television stations around the world. And every product - is branded. And in the film and video as the characters and the locations used prototypes of these designers.

Yet it is worth recalling Coca-Cola, which uses its logo on the products, sponsorships, their famous trucks refrigerators in retail outlets. But Apple has made its logo as part of a bitten apple brand philosophy. It is enough to demonstrate that character - and the majority of the inhabitants of the world accurately identify it, even if you have never held in the hands of the technique from the company.

The conclusion is clear: branding using a maximum number of points of contact with the target audience, it is possible to increase brand awareness. Moreover, the rise of identity as well as proof there is an association between the logo and the brand. This will make the audience loyal as it will recognize the symbols and to give preference to familiar foods.

The following discussion focuses on how to use the logo of the company for increasing brand awareness, to what products and surfaces to place the logo and how to promote it.

How to increase brand awareness?

Brand - it is not only a registered trademark. And it's not just the logo, no matter how good it may be. Brand - an association, the perception of a company or product target audience. This set of elements: the symbol, sounds and words, non-verbal components. Brand - a logo, a slogan, title, company colors and fonts. But it's also the quality of the product, service, loyalty to customers and more of what constitutes a complex puzzle of perception.

Why brand is often directly associated with the logo? Because the brand name - the most visible and convenient for the promotion of the branding. Therefore, companies spend a lot on creating an attractive, effective logo. Naturally, the investments must be recouped. And it can be measured by ROI - payback ratio, revenue ratio and the amount of investment. For example, in 2008, PepsiCo has invested in the development of a new logo $ 1 million in the next year the company's financials. Rose from $ 5.142 billion to $ 5.946 billion 804 million net profit -. And last but not least thanks to the logo. And investments in it will not seem so daunting.

How to ensure the maximum ROI for your company logo? Apply it in all possible points of interaction between the brand and the target audience. Interaction or point of contact - the term Russian author marketer Igor Mann. He calls it all offline and online locations, and situations in which the client intersects with the business. For example, coming into the store, the customer can see:

  • banner with your product;
  • promoter with samples of your company's products;
  • product on the shelf, in branded packaging.

All of this - three points of contact. Using the logo in each of them, you can remind the customer about your brand, hold his attention and to influence his choice. The more branded points of contact - the more likely that the buyer will choose your company / product.

The number of contact points for each brand - individual criterion. And at each of the points you need to show the audience a simple, unique and memorable logo.

What are the points of interaction are available for branding

If the logo has already been developed, and want to quickly launch it into operation for the growth of business indicators, it is necessary to publish the brand name everywhere on the corporate printing, online and social media, promotional materials and packaging, signs, facades and walls of their own office rooms.

Modern experts allocate more interaction points 40 and logo audience. Full list in 2020 first proposed the project Logaster . Consider the applications of the company's logo in different directions.

Sure your logo is already on the Internet: you first posted it on its website. Fine, but this is not enough. Consider embodiments adding the logo here:

  • favicon of the site;
  • corporate pages in social networks;
  • icons for messenger;
  • logo to YouTube;
  • watermark to published visual content;
  • branded signature on letters with branded e-mail addresses;
  • registration emails to mailing lists;
  • Icon branded mobile applications;
  • banners for online advertising;
  • wallpaper for the screens of gadgets, screen savers.

By placing the logo on all promotional materials, the company enhances the brand recall, making it recognizable. If the company has a good reputation, advertising with logo looks more arguments from the perspective of the target audience. The campaign may be more effective. Promotional items, which can be used brand name:

  • Signs and other facade structures;
  • billboards, billboards, super-boards, city-lights, media facades and other elements of outdoor advertising;
  • printing promotional items: calendars in various formats, brochures, leaflets, booklets, posters, notebooks and diaries, advertising and corporate newspapers, books and magazines, folders;
  • accessories and textiles: t-shirts, vests, jackets, caps and hats, cases, bags and backpacks, umbrellas;
  • Sticker (large transport) and stickers;
  • disposable and reusable packaging (shopping bags);
  • signs in a city, address signs, street signs (if permitted by local regulations);
  • volumetric letters;
  • posters.

This is one of the most important points of interaction between the brand and its target audience. Use of the logo in this case identifies the goods against the background of competitors. Also it serves as identification logo element protection against counterfeiting. Options for placement of the logo:

  • the product itself;
  • packaging;
  • box with packing;
  • packing tape;
  • label, label;
  • package, bag;
  • product description.

The logo on the company's securities for internal use fosters a sense of belonging to the brand. Branded business documents for external use - useful contact points. Where can I use the logo:

  • forms for filling;
  • catalogs;
  • price lists;
  • banking records (accounts);
  • the contract;
  • reports;
  • Information sheets;
  • letters;
  • as well as stamps and seals, envelopes.

Logo in the office - it's not even worth considering. Walk into any office of any company, and you will see how much of it branded objects. Branded as possible including elements of the facade and interior.

Where you can put your logo:

  • signboard;
  • stickers on the windows;
  • sign on the door;
  • sign on the door cabinets;
  • wall panels, walls;
  • Front desktop or reception;
  • desktops of employees working with clients;
  • rooms that can visit customers;
  • board signs.

They are given to customers and partners, emphasizing respect for and expecting the same attitude in return. Branded by a logo souvenir - the most inexpensive cost advertising element. Especially if it is practical.

Options for placement of the logo:

  • pens;
  • Flash Drives;
  • notebooks;
  • cups and glasses;
  • paper records;
  • desk calendars;
  • hours (table, watches, wall);
  • Greeting Cards.

By placing the logo on the uniform of staff you employ one of the most important points of contact. Note: together with quality branding value has excellent service. Otherwise, the audience any negative associations with the logo.

Add corporate symbol can be on such products:

  • T-shirts;
  • staff uniforms (coveralls, pants with jackets and the like);
  • badges;
  • hats;
  • vests;
  • warm jackets.

This is a major point of contact between the brand and the customer - the new, potential or real, who wants to attract to reorder. The logo can be placed at these locations:

  • the image in context and targeted ads;
  • banners;
  • commercials in YouTube-rollers;
  • widgets;
  • flash drives, disks, and other options for transferring media to customers, partners.


We have given almost complete list of places of possible contact of the audience with the brand. Choose the appropriate options, analyze the point of contact, specific to your business niche. Create a list of these points and use it to showcase branding elements: whether the logo, slogan, color or fonts.

Important: the effectiveness of the logo depends on the quality of the marketing strategy. The promotion is no "magic button": the outcome of running a set of tactics and tools.

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