How to improve the efficiency of the page "About Us": three steps

Author: Ann Smarty (Ann Smarty) - brand- and community manager in the Internet Marketing Ninjas, co-founder of Viral Content Buzz and founder MyBlogU.

For some reason, many companies with whom I encounter on the Internet, there is one common problem: a very weak and unconvincing page "About us".

Meanwhile page "About Us" is one of the most important assets of the brand and unlike linkbildinga and SMM, does not require any permanent investment.

This page is often a part of the path to purchase. It can attract users to the site and help convince them that now can be dealt with. it can also be used in the current environment of uncertainty to strengthen confidence in the company.

Creating a high quality and thorough page "About Us" - a one-time task, but it will help increase brand loyalty and increase conversions for many months.

Why the page "About us" so important?

  • This is often the sign-in page

No matter whether you are a business owner or a blogger, your page "About Us" with high probability will hold high positions in the brand needs. It can also appear in the block, with further references:

This means that potential customers will often come to your site via the page "About us". And here the question arises: whether it creates quite a good first impression to persuade them to continue browsing the site (or involved in the interaction)?

Let us not forget that the brand-name queries are usually strongly expressed intent, as those users that enter in the search box the name of the company, already know about it or heard about its products.

Inability to meet their needs - is a missed opportunity.

  • This is often a trigger conversion (and other actions)

How often do you view the page "About us" before you buy anything from the company? I always do it, especially if it is a new brand, which I had not heard before.

Home "About us" - is not only a potential purchase. Every time someone wants to take me a comment or send a request for an interview, I always check the page with information about the company. And I refuse the bloggers who do not take themselves seriously.

Also, I often visit the page "About us" when trying to find a contact for the press to add a reference to some kind of tool in his article.

I am also always open the page "About us" to find a brand profiles on social networks, if you want to subscribe.

The lack of detailed, well-structured page "About us" often means missed the conversion, as well as missed backlinks or subscription.

  • This is an important asset for optimizing entity

We do not know exactly how Google decides whether to consider the brand site, but we have a well-founded theory, so that we can help him in this decision. Home "About us" - this is the perfect resource for optimizing entity.

Firstly, we know that the page "About us» (About Page) is mentioned in the Guidelines for Assessors Google as one way to determine the "expertise, credibility and trust", or of EAT, any page.

Assessors do not directly affect the results, but their estimates are used for teaching Google algorithms to enable them to better rank the page.

Since the page "About Us" is mentioned in the Guidelines for assessors, it is likely that Google uses it as a ranking signal.

In the Second, Google uses the information contained on the page "About us" to place the company in its knowledge base. Therefore, it is important to add to it as much as possible details.

Given all this, how do you create an effective and high-quality page "About us"? Follow the three steps:

1. Provide a strong start

This step is not unique to a particular page, but it does not make it less important.

Think of your page "About Us" as a business card, people must be willing to learn more, as soon as they see it. Your page should be an exciting and memorable, and attract attention at a glance without having to scroll down.

For example, the Cisco starts with strong images and posts:

Nextiva starts with its main slogan:

Slack says what he does and brings impressive statistics:

Brand Story - another way to make a page "About us" more attractive and memorable. For example, such an approach uses Terminus:

A Zoom starts with a video and a list of values of the company:

Start your page with fast, attracting the attention of a video - this may be the best idea, as proved by the video encourages users to stay on the page and start interacting.

You can create a short and professional video in minutes using the online editor, such as InVideo .

To create a video InVideo, you need to:

  • choose a template
  • Upload images and videos (or use those available within the platform)
  • edit subtitles
  • Add music or voice instructions

In general, this process takes about 30 minutes.

2. Associate your brand with other entities

Against the background of recent developments relating to the use of nofollow attribute from the Google side, marketers and bloggers tend to forget one important thing: links - the only way to Google for scanning the Internet.

More addition, Google need links to:

  • Understand how the cited (and therefore influential) a page.
  • Create a site map, the entities behind them, and concepts that they reprezentuyut.

This is why communication with other "entities" (eg, brands, organizations, places, etc.) is so important: it helps Google determine the location of the company's knowledge base.

Make sure the "About Us" page, you have links to:

  • Professional awards
  • mention of
  • Conference, where were your employees

In his personal blog can also add information about education, work experience, etc.

To give you a quick example of how useful it may be, this work, this is my own knowledge graph Google:

I managed to get it? Let's start with the fact that «Shorty Awards» is a recognized entity to Google. When I was nominated for this award, I have added a link to this post to your blog, so that Google can associate me with that entity and to create an appropriate panel of knowledge.

This nomination - not only and not my biggest achievement, but for Google it is enough to create a panel of knowledge.

Google may know that you exist, but without establishing a connection with a certain essence, you can not become another entity. Start creating these associations, using the page "About us".

To further help Google, use semantic analysis to create a text which will contain the related concept and essence. For this:

  • Register online Text Optimizer and enter the primary keyword (something that best describes your business model or niche).
  • Select Google and then «New Text».

Text Optimizer will enter your query into Google, the search will gather snippets and applies semantic analysis to generate a list of related concepts and entities that you want to include in your content.

This will simplify the understanding of Google, what the company does and what types of associations should be established:

Editor's note: Russian language, this tool is not supported, but is useful for English-language texts.

The use of structured data - is another way to help Google connect all the dots. With the help of markup you can specify the basic information about your organization (the base date, names of founders, type of business, etc.), as well as additional details: the official channels in social networks, awards, books that mention the company, etc. .

Below - some useful markup generators that can be used to generate code:

For WordPress users there are several plug-ins , which also help to create the layout.

3. Add a call to action

Most of the pages "About Us", with whom I have met, are another common problem: it is not clear that users need to do after they have will be.

Given the role of this page in the buying process (customers can go through it to the site or use as an endpoint in his study), it is important to help them get on your path to conversion.

Depending on the type of business CTA can include the following options:

  • Request a demo
  • Contact now
  • View catalog
  • Talk to chat-bot
  • Sign up to get a downloadable brochure or newsletter

To simplify navigation through the page "About us", the following techniques can be used:

Whatever you do, start looking at your page "About Us" as a commercial Landing, not just a source of information about your business. Turn it into a funnel conversion and do not forget about the monitoring of the funnel.

In Wordpress, you can customize every link or button on the page "About us" as an event that you want to track, using Finteza plugin . Thus you can determine which of these CTA attract more customers.

Finteza allows analyzing funnel and its conversion efficiency based on traffic source, user's location, and many other parameters.

In the example below, we monitor all kinds of «Free Download» button. Obviously, the main page has a lot more input, but the page "About us" seems to better cope with the conversion:

[We use arrows to show the "leaked" clicks. we are on the home page, obviously lose more clicks than on the page "About us"].

For the analysis of the funnel conversion and ways users after they hit the page "About Us", you can also use Google Analytics. To get more information, it is useful to know more about attribution and custom parameters to GA.

As with all the other pages of the upper and middle part of the funnel, you can boost your CTA-elements using social proof (recent surveys, reviews, case studies, etc.).


Create and optimize the page "About us" - quite a simple task compared to other marketing purposes. Nevertheless, this work may lead to a number of positive changes, such as increasing the credibility of the brand and increase conversions.

This page is useful to consider how the company card: it must immediately create a good impression.

To improve the page "About us", do the following:

  • Put something that attracts attention to the first screen - for example, a short video, photo or slogan.
  • Consider the use of links, semantic analysis and structured data to help Google associate your brand with other entities in this niche and place it in the knowledge base (Knowledge Graph).
  • Add a call to action (and experiment with different types of CTA), to encourage visitors will move down the funnel conversion.

Home "About us" is often underestimated, but it is an important part of the path to purchase. It is therefore important to ensure that you have made it clear to your visitors what you want them to.

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