Women in SEO: 8 inspirational stories for March 8

SEO - a young but popular profession. Optimizing your website is not taught in universities, and in this area, people usually come by chance, having behind a completely different experience and education.

By 8 March team SE Ranking collected stories of eight women seoshnits on their way in SEO: how they came to this area for some reason decided to stay, and what is particularly proud of.

Psychologist, secretary, DJ, credit specialist, environmentalist, sales manager - who only had to work the heroines of this material before moving to digital. Inspiring stories from women who were not afraid to drastically change his profession and now happy in SEO.

Galina Bakusheva

I was accidentally in SEO. It was 2010, I worked in the "Beeline", complete their education at the university and in parallel doing something else. For example, once we are two ordinary manager subsidiarity Beeline, came to the owner of the club "tank" with a proposal to fill with sand his club and called this "beach" party "NeIbitsa". Yes. We endorsed the party, and in a week we booked a dump sand.

So then I helped to do parallel sites (very shabby) their friends and acquaintances, earnings were so-so. Once on the open spaces of the Internet, I met with Misha from Supporta.ru agency and became involved in this SEO agency. He joined the topic and then left to float freely.

"The SEO I feel realized and alive"

I like the people and the projects that I work with, who choose me, but I - it. I'm glad I chose SEO. It is infinitely creative, interesting and growing field of activity every day. I think that this is what I need. In SEO, I feel realized and alive.

Women who are afraid to go into SEO, thinking it was a "male" profession can say the following: there is no male professions in digital- and web-based environment. Today, so many possibilities and too much of some myths associated with gender identity to the profession. It is not true. To verify this, you just need to start. And that's the simple truth. If you do not know how to start - write to me, I will tell you how to do it.

Catherine Zolotarev

The head of the studio Site24 , author and methodologist of course SEO SkillUp in Kiev and Lviv, the speaker profile SEO-conferences

The SEO I have about 10 years, and worked as a psychologist in a very different projects and completely burned in working with people before 3 years. But the skill of work in psychology was very helpful in building relationships with customers and employees.

In this work I am inspired by the results. It so happens that in one project is something goes wrong: Changes are not implemented, the new algorithms crippled traffic, the customer is dissatisfied. At such moments, it seems that it is all in vain, no one needs. But I go to the other projects, see good growth, and I understand that, perhaps, all is not in vain, and even with such a complex project, we can handle.

"I was motivated by the recognition of a lot more than money"

Especially proud of the work with large projects (for example, LeBoutique, Plastics) and sites that we have brought a 12-fold increase. Very happy when the customer comes back to us next year, "walks" on the market. Also - when praise and recommend. It is very important recognition from clients and colleagues, I just "eat" it. And to be honest, I was motivated by the recognition of a lot more than money.

Svetlana Velichko

Founder of the company linkbildingu Links-Sream

Before I went through a few SEO professionals: loan officer, an ecologist, a counselor in the children's camp, even computer typing operator. And in SEO came by accident. At one evening I took A4 paper and wrote out their strengths and weaknesses as a professional - and it turned out that I could become a copywriter. So I began to study remotely copywriting, then he gains experience and opened its agency. Customers soon started to wonder what other services we can provide - for example, post reviews, or of crowd-links. I and the team decided to expand the range of services, and gradually linkbilding completely supplanted writing texts. Now my company Links-Stream is in the top companies in the CIS linkbildingu.

"The main inspiration in SEO - the lack of textbooks"

It will soon be four years since I have been working in the field. I can not say that it is easy in terms of earnings and gain knowledge. But perhaps the most important in SEO inspiration for me - is the lack of textbooks, and therefore, a wide field for experimentation.

Of our projects are most proud of the work with Rush-Agency, OdesSEO, SEO- Studio, Optimizm.ru, Dmitry Petrenko (one of the first customers). Each of them was a kind of breaking point in our development history: from understanding what services the market needs, to pricing. Thanks to all these companies for their trust and patience sometimes!

"Get emotions do their job no matter what"

Girls who are just starting out in SEO would like to say the following: be prepared for the fact that from time to time you will be ruthless, and do not try to be upset at this point. Remove the emotions, do their job, no matter what. Farewell Statement error, because the others do not forgive.

Elena Kama

Way in SEO, I started out as a linkbilder in a foreign hosting company, then moved on to the CIS market. It was in the early 2000s, when work to promote in runet 90% were reduced to buying links. Then ranking factors have changed, and I'm from linkbildera redeveloped into a full-fledged SEO-analytics.

The profession I since 2004. Most of all I like to "read" the data and metrics search consoles when a glance at the dynamics of traffic or the position you realize that a particular site is not, and how to help him.

I am very proud of our guys from the steep SiteClinic.ru, who are able to pull out the sites of very difficult situations. And our project Barb.ua, which is for 2 years has overtaken all its competitors and become a leader in the organic traffic in the beauty-theme in Ukraine.

"All the girls want to do what like"

All of the girls do not want to share a profession for men and women, and do what is pleasant.

Daria Khmelnytsky

SEO-experts SE Ranking

The SEO I in 2014. I liked how it was described, what do the SEO-experts. Something like "make so that a site can be found in the search engines." I thought it was interesting, I began to read and study.

I like that the scope of dynamic, you need to be aware of the changes and adapt to them. This helps to constantly evolve and be in good shape.

Plus, each project is unique and it needs a special approach. You do not get to come up with a pattern on it, and work with all sites.

For example, SE Ranking - product for SEO and marketing. Competitors in this niche professional and resourceful. Just establish the technical part and get through this at the top will not work. It is necessary to go beyond SEO and refine the product, so it was really better than the competition.

«Google nowhere writes that gives the advantages of the site, if it promotes a woman or a man"

I do not consider SEO male profession - in many seoshnits. And in general, I do not think that the experience of women and men in SEO is any different. After all, Google does not write anywhere that offers advantages site if it promotes a woman or a man.

Olga Tatarinov

Founder center expert SEOFirst , SEO-specialist with 10 years of experience in promoting competition in the western niches.
Speaker at many SEO-conferences

Prior to his first-SEO tasks I had an adjacent complementary expertise in the layout, creating websites (hands and CMS-kah), affiliate marketing, and management of IT-projects. But of fun and was irrelevant and the work of the Secretary, a DJ, and even had to dance in 17 years in eastern costume on the Renaissance Festival in Kansas :)

SEO for me began in the year 2009. Immediately under the bourgeois, and in a highly competitive niche, so entry into the profession was hard and harsh.

"At the adrenaline to do more"

The inspiration has always been the results. You look at the numbers the number of orders, profits, conversion, increase / fall in prior periods and do even more adrenaline. I know that many are inspired by the competitive aspects of SEO or pleasure from the fact of receiving a top-1 for some key, but I give birth to only the numbers in the results.

I am proud of all the projects, which worked personally. But the most striking experience was with a product that gave our team in January, and in September he had generated $ 100k per month. And this product we did not just SEO, but also rewrote the software itself, improved UX, set up a support, improved conversion and retenshn. And all this is a team up to 10 people and marketing budgets (including SEO) less than $ 2k per month.

If my experience in the profession and different from that of the male, is it that at networking events. Most often, when we first met the girls do not take seriously, but everything falls into place when more substantive dialogue with colleagues. You can have a 10-minute love to make a good impression, and on the same day to receive an order for several thousand per month. And the floor at the same time does not matter.

Anastasia Voleyko

Head of digital-agency JOBinNet

SEO - this is the second, which I tried to work on the Internet, and I begin with the creation of websites. The first site was for a construction company, where I was working as a sales manager, is banal - the seller. It was he who provided the impetus, provoking study on SEO, because the site once it was necessary to promote.

Directly with an SEO, I worked from 2010 to 2017. Now I do not do the promotion of sites in its purest form: JOBinNet.ru with my team, we develop websites and landing pages, followed by lead generation. And this, as you know - a complex of marketing services, SEO and where to play long, and the context for a quick start, and social networks for loyalty.

"The active phase of my study SEO occurred in the first years of my mother"

My experience in the profession different from the experience of male counterparts, because the active phase of my study of SEO and internet marketing came in during the first years of my motherhood. I think due to the fact that men have less everyday problems easier for them to learn new things and engage in self-improvement. The girls also have to set priorities: either you are a good housewife, or high-class specialist. But! It is only if the number of "not the same person."

"Not a woman thing - to be afraid of difficulties"

In general, Internet marketing has long been positioned as the area of men. Personally, I know quite a number of excellent specialists in the field of women and promotion of sites, and contextual advertising, and even programming. About SMM generally keep quiet. Therefore, it is willing to say to women, "Do not be afraid," I will not be: not a woman thing - to be afraid of difficulties.

Christina Azarenka

ECommerce for consultative and technical SEO.
Founder MarketingSyrup .
Author SEO-courses

About ten years ago I had a job that I do not like. I was looking for something new and found a SEO-courses. At that time I had no idea that such a site, not to mention the optimization and technical details. But I was so absorbed that has taken over the holiday and come to grips with learning.

The exciting thing about SEO - what you feel researcher: look out for in these scanning errors, indexing, weak content, etc.

My parents are still poorly represent what exactly I'm doing. They just know that it's "something to do with computers." So sometimes they ask to fix Wi-Fi or download the program from some. I think it's cute.

I am proud that I was able to do this for each of my projects. For one eCommerce-site had to build from scratch a structure, add new products, descriptions, titles to images. All this seems a trifle, and they are easy to overlook. But we quickly got the result - new pages gained positions and will soon become profitable. On another project had to be painless "relocate" from one site to another CMS. It was not easy - you need to work closely with the development team and do not miss any details. Daylight conducted smoothly without loss of organic traffic.

"The main thing - to believe in yourself"

Women who doubt whether they feel comfortable in SEO, I can only say that if you like the sphere of - go for it! There is a great community that supports women in technical fields. For example, Women in Contents Technical SEO . The most important thing - to believe in yourself and do not let others determine your place for you.

Congratulations, dear women!

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