Conference Sempro 2020 that changed when he began organizer arbitration

On September 17 in Kiev will host the 6th Conference for the extraction and monetization of traffic Sempro 2020 . Conference changes every year, for example, in 2019 the program has been added to a powerful stream arbitrazhnikov.

This year is no exception - one of the best affiliate programs on the bowels Everad joined the list of organizers together with Trionika and increased scale. Guys expect 1,200 people.

We decided to talk with the head of the organizing committee Sempro Fyodor Fomin that will still be on Sempro 2020 and as the conference changed his life.

Fedor, thank you for agreeing to talk. Let's start with provocative questions. How and why once seoshnyh Conference Sempro started talking about arbitration?

It is a great honor for me to talk about Sempro. Indeed, Sempro was once a powerful brand in the world of SEO on the Burj. At the peak of the conference was about 400-500 people. This seasoned guys who have always worked in different highly competitive niches in the Tier-1 market and not only.

Attracts people from all over the CIS, afterparty came Hardkiss and Nikita. In addition to the conference, we have been doing for about 6 mitapov 70-100 people per year.

But the conference was needed fresh blood to grow. Because when CEO Trionika gave the idea to add arbitration, we have supported. We saw this as a point of growth.

Firstly, SEOs get additional features. They are not party-goers as arbitrazhniki and CPA-konfy, of course, do not go. And here reveals themes and SEO, and arbitration, while the brand which for 6 years already trust - Sempro. And SEOs know how to even more, and most importantly earn faster. Because SEO does not have such money and speeds.

I can say that I know the guys that after last Sempro applied their technical skills sharp and full pour traffic to the affiliate. So what we did :)

Secondly, it is interesting to advertisers. Many affiliate programs are working with niches where taxis organic and offline with this audience to communicate anywhere. From a purely SEO-conf alone in Kazan, but it is not so big and held a long drive. Well, a couple of small tube communities. And we give them access to all vebam, and SEO and arbitration.

In the third - the development of the market. We have it all: Content, Networking, all kinds of paid traffic, veby, advertisers, experts, top speakers, specialized media. Ideal conditions for the emergence of new projects and collaborations. And in order to earn our even more and we make the project even steeper.

Due to the fact that it became more and more participants, more movement and life, Sempro become much brighter. We only for 2019 increased by 40%: there were 900 people, for the first time made an exhibition of 20 stands, in addition to the headliner made shows and interactive at the afterparty. One area konfy was two square kilometers.

Judging by the fact that we were repeat now the CPA-konfy throughout the CIS - the direction and approach we have taken the right. It is important to say at the same time we do not want to become "the next arbitration confit with SEO-flow" - our chip is in synergy SEO and arbitration.

We respect the expertise of our SEO-audience believe that our technical SEOs much stronger arbitrazhnikov. We - the assembly point for SEO and arbitration, and plan to maintain this status from year to year.

Tell me, how did you manage to collect a powerful content for arbitration, making such a conference for the first time?

Every project begins with a dialogue with the experts and their ability to listen. And then professionally implement their ideas. In Sempro enough of them: the very Trionika system and for a long time on the market, and there is always someone to talk to. And now Everad.

Here, perhaps, worked two things. Firstly, we were invited to cooperate on Everad Conference. A large and well-known affiliate program, the more so against the grain, may say it all: the real situation on the market, cases, topics, issues, give the best people and invite your friends and partners. This year Everad part of the organizing committee, so it will be even steeper.

Secondly, we came up with a chip that is now behind us repeat all konfy in the subject. Next to the speakers, which collect stadiums, such as Vladimir Sakharov and Rafael Gabitova, we called absolute nouneymov. But it is not simple - but not public vebov, the leaders in terms of budgets and expended large affiliate traffic.

As a result, they took first place in the survey of listeners. Well, another level: unique content that never sounded, and a particular level of training, when you go out on stage for the first time, both on the first date.

Sergei Roy, for example, we came on stage for the first time a year ago. After we spoke to all CPA-event. This year already as its top speaker will be invited, I guess.

How did you come to SEO and arbitration? What should I do before the conference, what are you doing now? How is your past experience helped you in preparing for the conference?

Thank you for this question. In all projects to which I'm involved, I do OSes and work with people. These talents I have a child and it seems, because of them, and I was invited to Sempro.

I have circulated the first skills in the civil service, where he led the department in one of the ministries. There, in the fields instilled all sorts of things that improve people's lives.

Then sn $ 200 tired, bought by Infobusiness course and did their project on the topic, which moves in the ministry. There was also a coach and marketer, and bizdevom. After 2 years, the project had to be closed, it was my baptism of fire.

Then came Sempro project and immediately began hardcore SEO and arbitration. Until then, I put the maximum problem of the agency in its infobize. And then I had to penetrate enough to understand who to invite. But everything turned out. It is my experience nearbitrazhny led to the largest Sempro in history.

After my first Sempro I strained that he does not pour. Took a course, wanted to run ... However, I realized that doing traffic and organize people - different things. Investing in one, I will inevitably lose focus in the second.

But the venture did not give up, we formed a team that Trionika pours on our PDL PDL-profit affiliate, which I chair. We have SEOs and arbitrazhniki, my goal - to find new opportunities for growth and to create conditions for the children.

On the left is now in operational 0 and took the top 4 position among affiliate teams. Niche almost white, but we are already testing new regions: Latin America, for example.

It turned my vision of the conference, and this year many things we will do even better for vebov.

What have you changed in the conference, when he became a player in the market? What novelties are waiting for the participants in this year?

We always set ourselves the bar higher than last year, though it is difficult.

Now that I have the arbitration team, I am even more deeply understand the market issues. And with this vision associated changes, and the guys from Everad Trionika and support me.

According to the content of this year we took a course on specialization. Last year, even groped subject of arbitration, and narrow so there was - except that tovarka. It was everything.

This year's run 4 narrow niche, as we plan to bring many players from abroad. All need specifics. We need to clearly understand, on what content to go.

On niches, niche focus take:

  • Nutra because contact Everad, and have top people in a niche;
  • The PDL because Trionika launched affiliate PDL-profit and have expertise in the subject and potential speakers, veby, SEOs interesting because the niche is almost white;
  • Gambling, because many top-vebov and their products on market specifics such in Ukraine.

A third theme is still thinking. There are many options: betting, new dating, crypt, abstracts. Now polls the participants and are negotiating with the affiliate program.

All who read the interview, we invite you to vote for the 4th niche Sempro link → Choose what will themselves personally move in 2020!

Will be 18 speakers, top speakers and new faces for the first time on the stage will come to Sempro. We are currently negotiating about who it would be.

The exhibition will be even greater than last year. We invite affiliate and services for arbitration and SEO, to make the top and networking platform for dialogue with all market representatives.

We are waiting for more participants. 1200 set a goal this year, stubbornly go to her.

Mitapy in conference format: prepati thematic mitapy the day before the conference, the afterparty, own game events sponsors. The program is available in the early spring.

Well and still will be traditional Sempro things: panel discussions, most drayvovaya afterparty with the show program, raffles types of cars, iPhones, tablets and airpods, a bunch of opinion leaders on location. They all read only in a telegram, and here you can razvirtualizirovatsya.

Inconvenient, but the important question is: how do you manage to collect every year as the Russians? There are also problems with the entry of the Russian Federation for the residents?

This conversation more than problems. On Sempro 2019 reached all those who wanted. Even one not entrance Speaker, we got in touch with the customs and made him enter.

In fact, 2019 was a pile of resonant events: elections, Christian Tomos (a worldwide event in Kiev), tense political situation. Because of this, we tightened the entry to Ukraine for everyone, including the Russians. And before the winter CPA-conf, Antikonfy not really reached the boys, and the uproar in chatik, which still creates fear. But the reality is not so.

Even in the last year to May, when it was already Sempro all was quiet until we all arrived.

There is one caveat - the ones who asked the border guard, to visit the Crimea in 2013 answered "yes" - not enter Ukraine. It should be remembered that, and everything else was ok.

Well, we, of course, prepare and send the original invitation on the model of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to all participants who need it, and advise how to pass the border. Write and call the contacts on Sempro site if there is any doubt.

And this year Sempro expensive? What is the cost to travel from Moscow, for example?

Now there are early price on the site, because if you take a ticket is now particularly advantageous. And so in general, compared with Moscow, in Kiev everything is very accessible.

A ticket to the conference is the VIP - $ 200, $ 120 road. And the train is also an option rules: No registration, passport control, stress with flights. Housing starts at $ 30, $ 80, you can already book your room in a 4 * hotel.

Kiev itself is now in vogue - the second Berlin, only cheaper. A bunch of restaurants to suit all tastes, parties, urban art objects luminous ladder type or Muralov. So in September, still warm and very beautiful.

Go to the site , register - on all questions please contact us, we will help. We appreciate every participant, no matter where he is and what class of ticket purchased.

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