Pro Turbo villages ranking in the search engines and the development of technology

November 22 Turbo technology two years old. During the Ninth Webmaster Yandex team talked to the project manager Stanislav Makeev and tried to learn about the Turbo pages that excites webmasters.

Turbo pages for two years. That now is the direction Turbo?

Yandex develops complete system family Turbo technology. Turbo pages - technology that speeds up the downloading of content by creating a light version page. Turbo-page suit all types of sites. They can be used for different tasks: from commercial selling Landing that use Turbo as a landing page directives to light versions of pages of content sites with instant download. All Turbo pages are well integrated into the overall infrastructure services Yandex. This gives sites an additional benefit and a great opportunity to improve the user experience.

You are talking about integration with other services Yandex, as well as the Turbo-ranked pages to Google?

Commercial Turbo pages created by advertisers for campaigns using Direct's designer, are ranked in Google search results. The others are not displayed for Google robots. Let me explain why this is so: we want to protect companies and their content sites from improper indexing and traffic loss. Work there are other algorithms of indexing sites and its own system of ranking issue. In the coming year we plan to spend a few test runs to display Turbo pages in another search. Depending on the results will lead to a full release.

What will happen to the site with Google, when he set himself on every page of Turbo, and the traffic is only for Turbo? And all the links, respectively - on Yandex? After all, for Google links are very important as a signal of the resource utility.

We have studied this issue, along with dozens of our partners, who have really high volumes of traffic. According to analysts the presence of Turbo does not affect the ranking in the Google search engine, even if there are many Turbo pages.

If the pages of the site, to which are attached Turbo pages have been deleted, after some time, they will be removed from Turbo (and whether)?

To get to Turbo-page, which is not the original version, it will be very difficult. The logic is the same as with the original remote site pages: pages disappear from the issuance of the search as soon as it detects a crawler. they are practically reduced to one another to a search engine. If desired, the webmaster can remove and Turbo-page exception transition link. To do this, pass the «false» setting for pages that you want to delete. For information on how to do this, it is written in detail in the Help Webmasters . A generated through YML avtoparser Turbo or pages are turned off through the dial to the webmaster.

Here, for example, the user entered in the Turbo-page article he liked, and he shared it. A webmaster then took Turbo and disabled. And click the link has passed another user - he was interested in the post, and he also wanted to read the article. Where did he get? On switching-page? On the source site? 404?

The user will be redirected to 404, so is due to security reasons. Driving with a redirection to another page can be used for fraudulent purposes, so the redirect to the original page of the site, we can just in case, if you believe in the transition source. However, in fairness it should be noted that the case described in the question is extremely rare.

If the webmaster for whatever reason, choose to turn off Turbo, it is, in fact, the site loses all referential mass?

We do not lose our metrics of performance for Turbo and Turbo-pages, that is, the original pages of the site are summarized.

In Turbo articles have previews in the search. How to get into a carousel? Do I have to do this all the pages Turbo, or you just parts?

Especially to get to Carousel articles impossible. Carousel shown in snippets when they help the user to solve a problem faster. For example, news sites carousel help users to understand the picture of the day and go directly to the interesting news. Show the carousel or not, determines the algorithm. Number Turbo-pages does not matter, affect their quality, as well as the relevance and popularity of articles.

Does the presence / absence of the Turbo-pages on the position of the site? In the future, the lack of Turbo version of the site would not it be a fatal error flagged in webmasters and lower the entire site in the search results?

The ranking in our search algorithms is influenced by many different factors. But both mobile and desktop devices to the Turbo technology allows you to create pages that load faster conventional and provide the user with a convenient display of the content. The issue of such pages to compete with any other sites on an equal footing. We are constantly working to improve this tool to make it easier to use and help webmasters to work with the search Yandex.

Yandex says "Turbo-page - it's just a tool that allows you to have a positive impact on the download speed and adaptation of sites for mobile devices." Why, then, we need their desktop version?

In the forefront stands for Yandex user happiness because it is based on the interaction of the entire ecosystem, "the user - the advertiser - a platform." The main advantage of the technology Turbo - instant content downloading speed. We are constantly monitoring the speed of loading the main content and we see that this question is relevant to the user and on the desktop too. According to research Telecom Daily, difficulty downloading pages regularly experience 72% of Russian Internet users, 43% say crashes several times a week, and in 29% they happen every day.

Another advantage of Turbo pages - is the ability to further interact with the SERPs and other services Yandex. This requires a serious integration with the search engine. Turbo-page - it is an open and accessible way of a technical integration.

We are working on a box solution with enhanced functionality that enables the user to raise the metric. We understand that while it is not ideal, so we will not display desktop Turbo pages from beta until until we understand that the key requests from the sites were taken into account. Here I want to emphasize that the task of our team at the time of the experiment with the turbo on the desktop traffic - to get as much as possible feedback and modify what is really lacking.

Why, if Turbo designed for bad internet in koldunschike they show absolutely everything, even with excellent connection speed?

Even with fast internet, many sites are loaded not very fast. The reasons for this may be many, from the large number of non-optimized media content to save on CDN. Apart from the opening speed, the Turbo-page well adapted in terms of UX and placement of advertising. Plus, many Turbo pages provide the ability to generate an endless belt. Therefore, and with a good internet connection all our experiments show positive results.

Why Turbo-pages of online shopping?

Fast loading and optimum layout Turbo pages makes it convenient to search, select products and order fulfillment for the user. According to our data, the Turbo technology allows faster loading web store from Yandex search up to 15 times. This affects the behavior of users reduced the number of failures in the first few seconds, users often add up the goods in a basket, growing number of completed orders. For example, we have been experimenting with the cards of the goods "Beru", to get to that can only be targeted queries in Yandex search. Through the use of technology download time commodity cards "Beru" on average, accelerated by 2.5-3 times. This influenced the behavior of users - they are 27% were more likely to add products to the cart, and the rate of failure in the first few seconds of interaction with your site decreased by 9 percentage points.

We are now working hard to Turbo pages could not only add items into the basket, but also to make an online payment order in one click.

How are behavioral factors Turbo-page ranking for its corresponding main page and, conversely, behavioral factors of the main page to rank its corresponding Turbo pages?

For search engine Yandex Turbo pages are no different from the original, in fact the algorithm treats them as a single entity with the original version.

A possibility without dancing with a tambourine appears (ADFOX) to connect to the Turbo monetization but YAN (AdSense, teasers, Admediator etc. Etc..)? Why only provides monetization directives?

Already we can customize ads from other advertisers, including direct sales, AdFox, so it provides not only the monetization of the directives. New opportunities will appear, but they take time. We are already working in this direction.

The last time, answering questions, you promised that functionality Turbo pages filled up with the ability to comment on the content. What else have launched this year?

Now there are two options to connect the comments on Turbo pages: using the comment block and authorizing the API platform audience directly on the Turbo-page as well as beta testing the comment block, which is integrated with the products of Yandex. This year, we also launched a mapping of a domain name site in Yandex Browser, support for the new video player, introduced new advertising formats. For online shopping has become an important launch of a new feature - a basket. It allows users to place an order directly on the Turbo version of the store and easier to convert into customers.

The Turbo better AMP?

I would not compare, yet they are two different technologies. In terms of functionality, they are similar, but each has its own way of interacting with customers. And in that, and in other technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Turbo-page well-integrated into the infrastructure of Yandex. We have chosen a model where the entire ecosystem of our services complement each other. We are developing a technology based on our product plans and wishes of the sites.

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