How quickly and effectively prepare the site for the launch of contextual advertising

Author: Alexey Kondakov, head of the strategic division, the company Brandmaker

In our agency very often clients come for setting up PPC advertising. In 9 cases out of 10 of their sites leave much to be desired. We are faced with a choice: either to abandon them, because to achieve good results with a bad site can not be; or to make a new website (which also is often expensive and time).

What to do? There is a third option - to introduce yourself a check list (shown in this article) and check each site before you start advertising it. The result is a list of minor improvements that could be put in 10-20 hours. Introduce them can any technician, so they usually are inexpensive and are made in a few days.

The best result that we have achieved at the expense of such an audit - increased conversion site 7.5 times! Proceed.

1. Have you identified the purpose of the campaign and KPI?

The first thing that should make the Customer and the Artist - agree that they want to get a result from this advertising, and some numerical parameters will be monitoring the performance of promotion. This will protect both of misunderstandings in the future, the actual figures will judge who is right and who is not.

For the KPI (key performance indicator (Eng.) - a key performance indicator) can designate anything, but it is desirable that this number directly, or even indirectly, affect the customer's income. For example, you can agree that, as a result of the month, the customer will receive not less than 200 calls no more than 300 rubles, or sales revenue from the site will be at least 3 million rubles at the advertising budget of 400 thousand. The main thing is do not choose for the KPI metrics like CTR, or the number of visitors to the site. They do not reflect the real effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

2. Targeted actions on the site are present and are intended to achieve the business objectives?

Based on the business objectives defined in the previous step, you need to check out all the action on the target site. Each target action should be directed at achieving the required KPI.

A simple example: you have to sell the apartments in new buildings. What should be the target of action, so that they move your company to achieve these business objectives? There are many options, you can use any of them, or all at once in different parts of the site: the application for a tour of the building, the application for the selection of apartments, the application for consultation. But if you collect the treatment of forms of "Application for a design project," that even if you get the required number of applications, they are almost never help you to sell the completed apartments. Check all targeted actions, and always think - they will help you through the KPI or not.

Well, the funny thing is that often promote the site does not have any targeted action. No forms, no buttons, or calls to action. In such cases, the conversion is exactly low, because people are at a loss and does not know what his next step should be taken.

3. When sending the application form with any user redirects to a page "Thank you"?

The worst thing we can do when promoting on the Internet - is to act blindly. One should always keep track of the number of references from the site, by all sources and advertising campaigns. The easiest way to do this - to set up goals in Yandeks.Metrike and Google Analytics.

There are two ways to set up goals: using java-script events and through visits to a page "Thank you." I always recommend to do so through the page, "Thank you." In favor of this there are two compelling arguments:

and. The purpose for visiting a page "Thank you" is easy to configure and the marketer and the owner of the business without the help of a programmer. This is done in 5 minutes and works flawlessly.

Go to Yandeks.Metriki settings tab "Objectives» → «Add goal ':

Enter the name of the destination, select the type of "Visit page" condition "the URL: contains" field and paste the link to the page "Thank you" without the protocol http: //:

b. After a time much easier to check the validity of configuration goals for the visit to the page "Thank you" without the help of a programmer. Just leave the application and test to see whether the forwards after it is sent to a page "Thank you."

If you follow this advice, the chances that a month after the launch of advertising campaigns you find empty statistics on applications because of the jamb programmer - tend to zero.

4. Yandeks.Metrike and Google Analytics set a common goal to visit the page "Thank you"?

It should always be a common goal, which takes into account all the requests from all forms on the site. This is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. If you set up goals for each form separately, then how to calculate the actual number of unique applications? Fold them will not work, because one user could easily leave the application with multiple forms at once. In the case of a common goal, analytics system automatically exclude re achievement of a single user.
  2. Build reports and perform analytics more convenient if there is one common goal. Otherwise you will have to adjust the parameters calculated in Google Analytics, and it already requires some training and afford not to everyone.

5. Does the value of set basic goals in analytics solutions?

If you are a business owner or marketer, it is likely that you are accustomed to thinking of money and not applications. Calculate how much you earn on average per customer and multiply that amount by the conversion of its sales managers that handle Lida. Thus you get the average salary for 1 application site. Indicate this amount in the "objective value" in Google Analytics and you'll see in the report are not only the number of applications for each campaign, but also the projected income from them.

Go to Google Analytics settings tab "Presentation", select "Targets":

Select the desired target and the tab "for details about the purpose," including the "Value" and enter the average amount of money you earn from a single application:

For example, if one client, on average you will earn 5,000 rubles, and 100 applications customers, on average, are 30 people, it is not difficult to calculate the conversion of sales managers 30/100 = 30%, and income from 1 Lida 5000 * 30% = 1500 rubles.

6. It is clear at all whether the landing pages from the first 5 seconds of what the company does?

The user came to the site, it shall make sure that he was exactly where he wanted for a few seconds. For this purpose there is a handle on the main screen, as well as auxiliary elements such as an image, title, logo, name of the region.

For example, if the company is building of the sandwich panels, the cap in the logo should be and it is written: "Construction of buildings from sandwich panels for the whole of Russia," and on the main screen shows a constructed building or construction process, if it is a background video .

If a person did not understand what the site is, it will not understand and just go away. And you've already paid for it.

7. Is it clear on the first screen of each landing page why you should buy from us?

On the main screen is compact and understandable should be formulated in the main unique selling proposition (USP) of the company. Most often this is done using a combination of "Title + tagline," but sometimes supplemented by icons with benefits. This information should rush to the eyes of every visitor as soon as he visited the site. If we do not have time to be interested in it quickly - it can simply close the site and do not know its contents.

8. The site is installed and configured correctly quiz poll Moclients or any other?

Probably no more such people who have never heard of the quiz. Because they are still working! This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase website conversion.

I recommend using a quiz Moclients Designer (currently one of the most functional and cheapest services in RuNet, from 12 rubles / day), as it has no limit on the number of applications, and therefore cheaper than all existing analogs, and in addition has a free plan for small projects.

Simply register on the site and do exactly as described in the tutorial video . You'll be surprised how effective this isntrument! If you only have 15 minutes, then spend it is on this point.

9. Forms for applications bright, contrast, are prominently displayed on each landing page of the site and have a specific call to action?

When the user is already interested in your product and ready to buy, the most important thing - to give him the opportunity to do it without any effort. Order form must be always in sight, at any time exploring the site. Also, it should have only the necessary fields, open by default.

Try to simplify the process of sending the application. In my experience, in most cases it needs only a phone number. The rest can be found in the time of the call manager.

10. Test the application with all the forms on the website correctly come to the post office or at the client's CRM and do not fall into the spam?

As much as it may sound funny, but about a third of the applications from sites falling into the spam. To avoid this, please send a request with a test of each form of the site and make sure they are properly come to the place where you work with them. We recommend to repeat this procedure at least once a month, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

11. Site navigation clear and easy to use, menu items are named uniquely?

From any page of the site the user must understand where it is and how to go to the desired page. To do this in the header should be the menu is logically divided into groups of elements. Groups are implemented using drop-down lists. The names of the items should be obvious and not to leave the mysteries of what lies behind them.

12. Promotional offers are selected, and their essence is clear and unambiguous?

If this discount - cross out the old price and create a new major. If it is a gift, select what kind and for what. Well, the action must be always visible at the top of the page.

13. Is there a site full and open information about the company (photos, videos, texts)?

You do not have to hide behind the site. Necessarily have to be a page on the company is available from any page on the site. It placed the actual description of the history of development, lined office photos, production staff. Renowned customers and their recommendations should also be present at the site. As the saying goes, "Sam praises - no praise!".

14. The site is evidence of the competence of the company in the form of case studies, portfolios, diplomas and awards?

A potential client must be sure that your company has sufficient capacity to fulfill its tasks. For this he needs on each page to show their achievements in figures and abstracts. If there diplomas and awards - lay them out, let everyone know what you are cool!

15. On the website are correct and prices for goods and services in the currency of the region, on which will be advertised?

Price is a major factor in decision-making in most niches. And if before the user has two of the same site on the same rate is, and the other is not, it is more likely that it would close the site without price and start to study your competitor.

If the product or service is complex and the price can not be said at once, then you need to specify prices from either embed quiz with the slogan "Calculate cost online!".

16. At the site there are great quality pictures of goods and services?

The opinion of visitors about the quality of the product is formed to a large extent based on the visual range, which they see on the site. On the Internet, people have no way to "feel" the product, and everything on which they can rely on - this vision. If the images on the site of poor quality, too dark, blurry, unclear, the user can think of what is the defective product, and once again, will go to the sites of competitors, who took care of it and ordered a professional photo shoot of their products.

17. Is there a separate page reviews the actual clients or unit with feedback in the goods cards?

Some people are very important to other people's opinions. For them, the reviews posted on the site. If the reviews are not many - make a separate page. Now if each product has accumulated a lot of real user reviews, then they can be placed on the item card (not far to go, just go to Aliexpress or MVideo). It is desirable to insert a reference to the author's review, to prove that they are real.

18. Payment of the goods specified in the cards of the goods and / or on a separate page?

If the user is satisfied with your product, it will have a question "How to buy?". Answer to this question on the item card, or on a separate menu tab. We describe all the possible ways of payment of the goods, the more of them the better. It is unlikely that you will have a lot of sales in Ukraine, if you accept payments only at Yandex.

19. Methods and regions of delivery of the goods specified in the cards of the goods and / or on a separate page?

We have to offer options for delivery of the goods to the buyer liked. And for them it must know more before they decided to buy, as it can have a positive influence on his decision. We place this information where it definitely notice.

20. The site has the answers to frequently-asked questions on a separate page in the catalog cards?

In the process of user familiarity with the site they have a lot of questions, but most will not find the answers on their own. In the same way as they would not call the company to ask them. So you have to answer them directly on the site, either on its own page, "FAQ", or directly in the cart of goods / services. The more questions close - the easier it is to sell your managers.

21. The site is easily accessible full contact details of the company (phone, social networks, instant messengers, e-mail, company address, operating mode)?

In the upper right corner of the header of the site should be the largest listed telephone number, and, if that is important to your niche, point of sale address. Just to be a menu item "Contacts", leading to a separate page. On this page should be all phones with explanations, office addresses, links to social networks, map, links to social networks and instant messenger. This is a necessary minimum and rules of etiquette for any site.

22. Phone numbers are clickable with mobile and start with a plus sign and the country code (+7 ..., 380, ...)?

It is trite facilitate the commission of such targeted actions as a call. Do not disregard this recommendation.

23. Is there a mobile version of the site, and whether there is in it all the elements needed to perform the desired action?

According Mediascope, the volume of mobile Internet audience in Russia reached 28.8 million people in 2018, and twice the number of users who prefer a desktop. If your site is not mobile or adaptive version, users of mobile devices (which are the majority!), It can be inconvenient, because of what the increased failure rate with mobile. Perhaps it makes sense to switch off the mobile traffic to such a site, or order the development of a mobile version of the specialized agencies.

24. Does the site favicon?

Other things being equal, the highest CTR will be in those ads, sites that have a unique icon. Save a lot of money on advertising due to the lower click cost.


Just check their website on this checklist and making a minor patch, you may at times increase the return on their investment in Digital-marketing. We are an online agency work with more than 300 customers from around the world, and each of them we carry out such an audit before the launch of advertising campaigns for free.

Believe me, these improvements pay off EVER! All the big conversion, thanks for reading until the end. Add them to friends and write your questions, happy to answer .

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