Modern problems of SEO-specialists

Report by Sergey Koksharov, SEO-analyst, consultant, author of the blog , 2019 Conference on Optimization

The problems most often encountered by webmasters in promoting sites can be divided into several groups:

  1. Problems in the approach to optimization
  2. Problems in the process of setting up
  3. Problems in the approach to analytics
  4. Problems in the implementation of strategies

We consider in detail the causes that give rise to such problems.

Approaches to optimization

1. The lack of basic skills

Most of the problems associated with the lack of understanding of the basic elements. Promotion is not possible without understanding the mechanisms of search engines, as well as the technical characteristics of the site, responsible for its visibility in the search.

What can be read:

  • SEO - the art of promotion of sites, third edition 2017.
    Known foreign authors, white strategy, all of the case.
  • Optimization and promotion of sites in search engines, 4th edition 2018.
    Famous Russian authors, a lot of basic things.

2. Work on the old-fashioned way

Many SEOs are used to and continue to work the old fashioned way - streamline under the keys, excluding the user intent.

For example, a site that offers photo printing services on mugs. On the main puttee we see the classic text, which 10 years ago compulsorily added to almost all service sites (with minor changes):

Here of course you can find prices and terms, but it's absolutely not presented in the form in which it would be convenient to the modern user. Therefore, this site will never be in the top, and will be there here are sites that contain the most useful information for the user (to address its problems) and a minimum of useless texts:

On these sites, there is a photo of the offered goods, the ability to choose the right cup, download the desired photo and see how it will look on a mug, as well as simple and straightforward order form. This is exactly why people come on such a request.

It is not strange, so on another and there are such cases in the following sites:

This is absolutely the ancient ways of promotion, once they have worked, but it has long ceased to be effective. As well as not working today and here are the "creative" texts on the item card:

This also can be attributed to the habit of cranking one thing, that is to work with any one factor - links, texts or behavioral quality. Today, it's not working, if you really want to turn, then you need to turn all at once - and the authority of the site and the quality of texts and references, and the decision of the user intent. Factors affect the site in the complex, and to focus on one thing will not work.

While many stubbornly continue to focus on the links for some reason underestimating reviews. Reviews today very positively valued by search engines, giving additional signals to the authority of the site.

However, the reviews, in order to make it work, it is better to leave on Google and Google.Maps, as well as encourage their users constantly express an opinion about the company. Reviews must be real and not here such as a few years ago:

Also leads to problems without the use of SEO work on building trust in the site.

Until now, there are sites where you can not find any information about the vendor or service provider. Here's an example site, provides repair of household appliances, but its creators did not take care of that it caused at least some credibility with potential customers. Address Unknown, but when switching to Google Maps, it does not show anything, in any way similar to the shop:

Of course, such sites the way to the top is ordered. At the top will be the sites where there is comprehensive information about the company, providing services, the list of those same services, an indication brands of household appliances, which is being renovated, customer reviews, and so on. Building trust to a site / company today is not to be sniffed at.

3. The desire to automate all

One of the main "pain" Russian optimizers. A very large number of webmasters create many tools for content generation, automatic purchase links, relinking, decision-making and so on.

SEO is not the same automation. Better use poluavtomatizatsiyu when instruments recommend some solutions, and expert keeps the process under control. The stronger the control of automated processes, the better the effect.

4. Lack of work with the brand

Many SEOs that seems unimportant, but pumped brand issue is very different from that which does not conduct any work.

Let's compare:

Join with a small number of requests branded
A site with a large number of branded queries

Search for the brand needs - this is one of the signals of authority site, it should not be neglected.

Approaches to setting processes

5. Lack of strategy

6. Lack of team leader, customized processes

Many webmasters are trying to do everything at once - and content writing, and linkbildingom engaged, and in the evening to earn Yandeks.Taksi ... Like constantly at work, but no sales. Do not think that you're a superhero.

7. Launch site without considering SEO

When starting a new website, you need to immediately take into account the SEO-elements, such as: information architecture site, keywords, the ability to customize the meta tags and so on. Because it is very sad when first made site and then begin treatment to the optimizers for advancement - you need a lot of things to alter and to spend the extra money.

8. Understanding of SEO as a one-time task

A big mistake to think that SEO can be done once and for all. site promotion - is a process. Constantly need to correct any errors, analyze niche (which is very likely to change frequently), follow the rules of the game in search engines, filling the site content, to work to improve the credibility, to look for new entry points ... SEO - this type of repair, it can not be complete, and it is possible a pause.

Approaches to analytics

9. Lack of Keyword Analysis

Very often webmaster do not pay enough attention to the elaboration of key words. Take, for example, a website selling furniture section - shelves for shoes.

People are looking for shoe racks in different words, it could be a "obuvnitsa" and "shelves" and "cabinet for shoes," but online these keywords completely used. But there is a "dryer for shoes," which in general is not clear how came to this section.

If you look at the statistics, called "obuvnitsa" three times the frequency than the "shoe rack":

It is obvious that the webmaster was guided here by example - as if he was looking for one or the other furniture, and not the way it's looking for real users.

10. Misunderstanding niche

This mistake often made by those who are entering new markets. For example, site services from Moscow decides to enter the US market. Ignorance of the realities of the market, the goals and needs of the audience probably will turn this initiative into a sad experience. You need to go, to look around, to understand how users out there looking for your product, what and who your competitors are. It is impossible to get into the top recess, which is quite unfamiliar. Without an analysis of niche leaders, without assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your site in comparison with them, nothing good from such an attempt can not wait for promotion.

11. Blind Learning from others' strategies

webmasters often look at competitors and think that any one factor found (for example, the list of cities in the title or in the text spoiler) influenced the fact that their sites are in the top. In fact it is not, and truthfully say why they are in the top, it is impossible. It needs a comprehensive analysis of the factors, and only the best promotion strategies you can try to use. Not to get something like this:

12. Weak analyst, savings instruments

Saving on the purchase of analytical tools, webmasters lose a lot. Without tools you can not find out where competitors take links, which carry out the strategy, what people are searching for the keys, and so on.

Here is a small list of standard tools for analytics:

Approaches to the implementation of strategies

13. Great Expectations

Many webmasters expect from SEO too large and adequately fast results, incorrectly assessing the current state of the site. They want to get in the top of high-demand, despite the fact that the site is not enough content, few goods. They want to do everything yourself and get traffic in a month.

Unfortunately, SEO does not work. SEO - is long and expensive, but its effectiveness is worth investing.

14. The lack of priority

The optimizer often lack the desire to adhere to the priority of implementation of the necessary SEO-work. They begin to progress with the implementation of the tasks that they like - those with whom they are familiar, and which are easy to implement. This is the wrong approach, always need a specific plan, which must be followed. It should be made taking into account the benefits of SEO and the ease / difficulty of implementation.

Prioritization in SEO

The first axis shows how much effect will the decision of a problem, and the second - how time-consuming and Budget is the implementation of a decision. Distributing all the tasks so you need to move from the green zone down into the red zone. It will work on the SEO-tasks according to their priority. The priority tasks will be the ones that are easiest to implement, and which give the most effect.

15. Fear of experiments

So many webmasters do not check their emerging ideas and hypotheses on their websites, and endlessly seek advice on various forums and thematic communities. There is no understanding that the situation on each individual project, and what works for one site may not work for another, and vice versa. So it is possible to gather from different experts completely conflicting advice, as each will be based on their experience.

Right action - is the hypotheses on the basis of its own analysis and testing them using the A / B-test. Tests certainly will take no longer than search free advice from other professionals, and benefit from them will be more at times.

16. The slow implementation

Slow implementation of negates the whole strategy and prioritization. What is being done at the wrong time and too slow, has no effect, and often invalidates all previous work.

Implement need quickly.

How to improve the situation in SEO?

  • Consider the user intent
  • Work on the brand
  • Develop a strategy, prioritize, connect command
  • Analyze (everything that happens in the recess and on the website)
  • Experiment and implement!

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