How to reduce the cost of Lida in social networks is almost 4 times in two weeks. case

Author: Ivan Papus, founder

When it comes to Digital-promotion, any business owner secretly hopes that every guest of his site - a client who buys something. But this is not so (then marketers can put a tear).

The main goal of any entrepreneur - to get the sale. For this and start an advertising campaign. But to provide its efficiency and to assess its real success is not always possible. It so happens that the cost per click is very profitable, and successful banners and clickable, but in the end there is no sales growth.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on leads are and their cost. Lead - This is a guest of your life, who showed interest in the service or product and showed unequivocally his desire to purchase or learn more about it (for example, fill the form with contact and leave your phone number for a call back).

In this article you will learn:

  • Why is the cost of treatment depends on the input any further parameters.
  • How is the price of "inbound" customer.
  • How do you know it's a lot or a little?
  • Why "coverage and views" not equal to "Lida" and what to do.
  • As the study of Central Asia may affect the price and the number of leads on Facebook and Instagram on the example of Asa Global.
  • How to test different creative approaches and why it should be done.

Each lead - it's almost held the buyer, so to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign is important to understand how much it costs you, as these costs are yielding results.

Calculate the price of one elementary Lida:

L = the sum of the value of all of leads / number of leads received

Why is it important?

The simplest example: you have to buy pants. Price spread on the element of the wardrobe from 500 rubles to 100 000. But you are interested in a shelf with a price range between 1500 to 3000. Of course, you know that there are things cheaper and more expensive, but the quality is on the level or worse doroguschy clothes you do not need .

That is, you know exactly what you want to buy and how much to pay for it.

Similarly, in the organization of the advertising campaign - it will be correct to plan costs based on the average check, the specifics, margin and product features.

  • Determine how much you are willing to give for the incoming client.
  • Think about how many new customers you need to carry out their plans.

How do you know it's too much or not enough?

Again - it all depends on the characteristics of the goods. And yet, important in the analysis of effectiveness is the competition.

For example, if a realtor who sells the property for at least 2-4 million rubles, the cost of a certain Lida fit the cafe with an average check of 1,000 rubles, it will not pull. And the lead, who bought an apartment in the end, it is worth a large investment, as opposed to Lida, opted for the US and a donut.

For all the performance indicators will be different. So what will be decisive?

buying cycle

The fact that the goods and services is not only cost, but also a different amount of time that you want the buyer to make a decision (the same example with an apartment and a donut). It's a simple rule:

  • The more expensive the product, the longer the period from the first contact to the moment of purchase.

So, naturally, that the definition of the benefits of an advertising campaign for the different types of businesses, as well as the loss will be different.


The longer the sales cycle, the greater the chance not to reveal the pending conversion and get the wrong idea about her. The fact is that the longer a person is considering purchasing, the more visits to the site: the search query, contextual advertising, and then - on the link in favorites. It happens that the marketing analyst takes this conversion as a direct transfer, when in fact the lead came from a search engine.

Using Google Analitycs can see the statistics for 90 days and found the first visit.

cyclic recurrence

Another very important indicator - the cyclical nature of sales. Agree lead, which led to repeated sales, logically is more expensive than usual, as it will feed you some more time.

average check

The average bill - a measure of the success of your business. If he does not change - it is a sign of stability and correctly chosen strategy, but if oscillations occur in one of the parties - it is likely an error in the assessment of the CA or the organization of the campaign.

Having assessed all these parameters you will end up almost exactly understand how much should cost "your pants" and how justified this purchase. It might be better to go to more expensive goods department, or will just look on the shelf with the biggest discount? Removing allegory, we argue that such an analysis will allow you to more specifically evaluate your business opportunities.

Selection of an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Why high coverage and the number of views will not provide you a profit?

Well or not the fact that will provide. It's like the pants that you do decide to buy, put the house in front of a mirror, and fashion was not yours. Like the size of a normal, acceptable price tag, but the desired effect, slim legs and toned priests not at all.

So ... here it is time to once again cry. Views and high coverage is not equal to Lida and conversion.

Firstly, some even believe that the shows and the coverage is the same. And it is fundamentally wrong. Coverage - the number of unique people who have seen your new pants, but shows - is how many times you put them with them. Agree, not necessarily that these values are the same. Maybe 2:10.

Assessing advertising statistics to Facebook and Instagram is not necessary to completely write off the two figures, but it is better to understand what is the difference and do not panic, it does not give you the sale. Just be something to correct.


Because most likely you do not correctly assess the target audience or insufficiently configured RK accurately. As a result, advertising will go, but the lead will cost more than you can afford, as a percentage of attracted customers to the number of impressions and coverage will not be in your favor. That you will give demonstrations in Chelyabinsk, if you services in Moscow and the district? Or wrinkle cream, surfaced in the storys a girl of 16 years? It is possible that she bought it for my granny, but the chances are slim. Train of thought, we think, is clear.

What to do?

Reduce the price of lead, making Kazakhstan a more efficient and accurate, of course! The more of leads to work, the less we spend "nowhere", the less the attraction.

And it's real. We tell a specific example.


We took in the work of the project, offering employment abroad - the company Asa Global. The request was to advance in the FB and Instagram.

What was the situation at the entrance we encountered: advertising has been, but was not working.

Why is that? (By the way, this error occurs frequently, despite the tons of tips and guidelines vyvalennyh spaces of the Internet to share about targeting).

We soon found that the client has not found his age category and decided to bombard the maximum coverage on the "maybe". Price for attracting new customers to the point was $ 2.21.

It was decided to define a narrower age group. This is logical - takes off and go abroad will not be all. The less we have acquired, we are younger and freer, more willingly go to such adventure and looking for an opportunity to earn extra money abroad. Of course, it still had to be confirmed. For this it was necessary to test several different age categories and the maximum response gave an age of 18 to 28 (well, Semen Semenovich ...).

Next was the question of what will hook young people of this age? Scroll separate campaigns with different promises. We shared our segment into two categories:

  • students (from 18 to 23 years old)
  • young families, graduates with no work experience who wish to further continue their education or get career start (23 - 28).

For the first well on the hook load, "You are a student and do not know how to hold a bright summer and earn some money? We offer you a job in the best hotels in Turkey ... ".

For the second current was the promise of "Best 5 * hotels in Turkey produced a set for such a position. Excellent career start, the opportunity to earn and see the world ":

Next, it's time to try out the filters with the same interests. For this case study went perfectly the interests of the night clubs, study abroad, work abroad and so on.

We should also focus on the interest of "travel". Excellent advertising worked on the theme "We would like to travel and thus to earn?".

We also walked through the demographic filters: level of education and marital status (married less break for three months in Turkey).

The next step was the elaboration of GEO. We have launched a promotional spot, on the location of universities. Here it is best to have worked one million city: Kharkov, Kiev, Dnieper, Odessa and separately - the city in which the most high unemployment Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia.

As a result, after several launches advertising campaigns, two weeks later, we got the result: targeted advertising setting helped reduce the cost of Lida 4 times. Price for the lead up to - $ 2.21 after $ -0.57.


Assess their capabilities in advance. It is particularly important to understand how much you're willing to pay for entering treatment.

Analyze your target audience, not to pay money to advertise, so as not to shoot blank cartridges.

Try different approaches. Do not just assume, and check their assumptions in practice, changing interests, GEO and audience demographics at RK starts. Once you have found the target - shoot, and you will be accessible and cheap lead. Amen.

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