What you need to know about behavioral factors

All necessary information + checklist

Author: Lily Grajewski - SEO-specialist companies RACURS Co. .

user behavior while surfing online and develops in the term "behavioral factors" (PF). These factors affect the ranking of website in search engines.

Competent work on improving behavior can give traffic growth and position in the SERP. But reoptimization, substandard work and the introduction of chips just to availability - all of which can lead to the loss and bandwidth, and positions. So you need to be approached with intelligence and analytics to all tasks.

Allocate external, internal and host behavioral factors. External imply how the user behaves in the SERP, domestic - behavior on the site, the host - common factors.

External factors

How to measure

With difficulties. But something like this: look CTR on Extradition and its dynamics in the period. If the speaker is negative, then, we aim to improve the performance of a site on the issue. CTR can learn to "Yandex.Webmaster" and Google Search Console.

Fig. 1. The report "Statistics of search queries" in Yandex.Webmaster

Fig. 2. Report on the effectiveness of using Google Search Console

How to improve

To influence the external behavioral factors need to improve CTR site. To do this work with snippets of pages.

Recommendations for optimizing the snippet in SERP:

  • the introduction of structured data,
  • connect to the chat issue,
  • registration "Yandex.Spravochnik"
  • the use of graphic symbols and emodzhi.

External factors that we do not measure ever

1. Return to issue

User fact transition from the site in the SERPs. For PS, this means that the user does not find the desired information, and trying to find it from your competitors. Metric affects account behavioral factors and page ranking, but is not available for webmasters.

2. Move to a different search engine

If the user did not find anything in your search results, it may look for a different system.

Fig. 3. Links to search in other search engines work with a saved query

3. Length clique

This is the time spent on the site, but from the perspective of a search engine. Then consider the time from the transition to the site until the return to the issue.

4. Last Click

After moving to the site the user is not returned to the SERP. According to the logic of the algorithm, it is satisfied with the result pages.

Search engines ignore until search pattern when the user opens the first 10 pages in different tabs and studying them in order. The logic of the algorithm is that the 10-th result is relevant, because the click is longer compared to the higher sites, and are likely to return to the issue does not occur, which is also in a perfect world, search engines indicates the quality of the information.

In fact, the 10th result can be unuseful and not informative for the user, but this robot already know.

internal factors

Domestic and behavioral factors can analyze and work through.

that analyze

1. The depth of view, session duration and the percentage of refusals

Learning from the viewing depth, time on page and bounce rate.

Ext Iman! Analyze these metrics together or Mixes them together with other metrics. Individually, they will nothing say, because a high bounce rate on the page is not necessarily a bad thing - the user quickly finds the right information, and a lot of time on the site is not always good - the user can not find the information, but it is very trying.

By itself, the bounce rate, as well as other metrics individually, is not a ranking factor.

Fig. 4. Report to Yandeks.Metrike
Fig. 5. Report "Drilldown" in Google Analytics

Typically, the bounce rate in Google Analytics finds the percentage of refusals for visits with viewing one page. That is, for Landing bounce rate in GoogleAnalytics is 100% by default. Therefore, you must configure the metric for their business processes.

If desired, the bounce rate can be reduced to zero. To do this, you can create a trigger in Google Tag Manager with the type "Timer", the goal in Google Analytics to view the desired time after which the visit will not be deemed a waiver, or add a line to the tracking code Analytics:

Fig. 6. Old Google Analytics code with an additional string Timeout
Fig. 7. The new Google Analytics code with an additional string Timeout

2. Exit Pages

Previous metrics give a clear picture together with the analysis of the output pages. With the report "Exit Pages" substandard find pages from which users most likely to return to the issue, which reduces the length of clicks and overall negative impact on behavioral factors. In these pages the low duration of the session and a high bounce rate.

It is important to remember that the metrics for each project individually. For the analysis, select the pages indicators which go beyond the standard deviation.

Fig. 8. Report "Entry" in Yandeks.Metrike
Fig. 9. Report "Exit Pages" in the Google Analytics
Fig. 10. The low-quality pages Search Yandeks.Metriki report. Mean failures of the project - 12%, the average time - 2 minutes. Set up a filter to deviate from the norm indicators, to find pages from which users leave.

3. "Vebvizor" and maps the behavior in the "metric"

all just here. Go to "Yandeks.Metriku" and are looking for clicks on clickable areas were measured speed of scrolling text that you wrote a week; We study scrolling delay region.

Fig. 11. Yandeks.Metriki Interface

4. Maps behavior in Analytics

Learning card behavior, the way users and map in your Google Analytics goals.

These three reports available in Google Analytics. There look distribution of traffic on the site, entry and exit points and the user himself way.

Fig. 12. Conduct map in Google Analytics

5. Poor quality of the page

Look in the "Vebvizore" report "Excluded pages" on the status of "insufficient quality". This critical state when the page is removed from the index for poor quality. Among the exceptions may be necessary structural pages. Obviously, the time to do their optimization. After work on the on-page SEO such pages is easy to return to the issue.

Fig. 13. Substandard page Yandex.Webmaster

6. Entry

Learning from the login page with the search phrases that transition has been made. Search query must match the page. To find irrelevant landing pages, you need to filter out search phrases based on the percentage of failure and the average duration of viewing and assemble pages for further work with them.

Fig. 14. The report "Search phrases" in the metric
Fig. 15. Search of irrelevant pages

How to improve

After collecting 10 information sheets and 5 sheets of links in Excel on behavioral factors on its website, to distribute the issues identified by the main categories of tasks.

1. Faster loading

The user does not like to wait longer than 2 seconds. This site Quality Score need to improve is the FS analysis. To speed the analysis, you can use services gtmetrix and PageSpeed Insights .

2. Work with the content pages and on-page SEO

Working on pages that are found in the study reports on exit pages, bounce rate, depth of view and session duration.

It operates one rule: the content on the page = full response to a promotion request. Intent request matches the intent of the page, the site takes no semantic pages, meta tags and titles are unique.

3. Improve Usability

After analyzing visits "Vebvizore" and browsing behavior of users of cards, you probably found a useless block on the site or an interactive element on which users clicked diligently. In general, the form should work, banners and push-notifications should not enrage. Page works on UX / UI canons.

4. The mobile version Optimization

In 2015, the era of Mobile First. Mobile First - is the design, interface, download speed and usability of your site on mobile devices. Do mobile sites, adaptive versions, AMP, turbo page. If you embark on the development, start with the mobile version, and already from it to rebuild the desktop.

PF sites of competitors

PF Internal competition

Sample data on the duration of treatment, the depth of views and bounce rates can be viewed through the service Semrush. But the number of free checks is limited.

Fig. 16. SEMRush interface and engagement metrics by domain

Others can not learn the internal performance of competitors behavioral factors and metrics paged if you have no access to their systems analysts. So send spies.

External PF competitors

If we own external factors can not be measured, then what about the competitors.

But it is possible to estimate the approximate CTR on specific needs, focusing on the overall distribution of CTR to issue:

Fig. 17. clickable links in the search Yandex and Google. Calculations Max Wilhard

PF Cheat

Cheat behavioral factors - artificial action simulating traffic from search engines, and targeted actions on the site for the growth of the positions and traffic. This manipulation of the algorithm of search results, which is punishable by the imposition of sanctions and the revocation of traffic for at least six months.

Why not cheat

  • Because make websites for people.
  • Because we do not want to spoil our stats.
  • Because we do not want to get authorization and remain without traffic and profits for the year.

How can you cheat

Painless way - to turn the PF groups in social networks. The SERP is well indexed group of VK, Pinterest and "Odnoklassniki". Twirling behavioral factors on the official page of the group or page, you can get to the top. The goal - the monopolization of the issuance.


To improve the external behavioral factors:

  • track CTR pages consoles webmasters and Google Search Console "Yandex.Webmaster";
  • embed structured data;
  • optimize the metadata.

To improve internal behavioral factors:

  • publish useful unique content;
  • improve usability;
  • Increase the download speed;
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices.

Checklist PF Online

1. CTR site:

  • Snippet reveals the essence of the page.
  • The company is registered in the "Guide".
  • Quick links are correct.
  • Embedded structured data, "bread crumbs", a local organization rating.
  • The "webmaster" added YML with t / y and prices.
  • The site works on https.

2. Waivers:

  • Pages input is relevant to the search query.
  • On the site there is no broken links.
  • Page loaded less than 2 seconds.
  • Adjusted and well-defined language version, if necessary.

3. Depth of view:

  • Hierarchical structure, a detailed menu.
  • Introduced site navigation.
  • Contextual perelinkovka.
  • For large projects implemented site html-card or divorcing page.

4. Session Duration:

  • Functionality works without errors.
  • Introduced interactive elements: a calculator to calculate the cost of a range of services; game to be distracted while waiting for food delivery.
  • Information on this site to date, gives a detailed response to the user's question, solves his problem.
  • Implement and optimize graphic content: images, videos, infographics.
  • Pop-ups and push-notification delay the user, but do not bother.

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