New Marketing. How and why to work with inflyuenserami

Author: Gulnaz Rakhmatullina, project team leader in Topface Media

Marketers all over the world are sounding the alarm: traditional advertising is losing ground, consumers simply stopped noticing it! In addition, recent years, a growing number of people are blocking advertising through special programs. And if the site is set antiblokirovschik, then, according to statistics , 74% of users immediately leave the page.

But change impact on the audience come to the old ways with new ones. And one of them - a recommendation marketing or influence marketing. Successful campaign to promote a product or brand through bloggers recommendations have led to what is now 63% of businesses plan to increase marketing budget on a recommendation in the next year (for comparison, in 2017 these brave men was less than half). And 92% of specialists estimate this channel as an effective promotion.

What is surprising, Influence marketing has the greatest return on investment - $ 1 each invested brings $ 5.20. This delicate type of advertising has a high customer acquisition: 22% vs. 17% organic advertising, 15% email-marketing and 14% of paid advertising. So, if you have no doubt that this advertising channel to use, let's see how.

What is the Influence Marketing Today

The word «influence» in English the word has two meanings:

  1. The impact effect;
  2. Authority and power.

In marketing, it is used to refer to a specific channel promotion that involves contact with the target audience through opinion leaders - bloggers or that scale.

The effectiveness of this method of promotion is caused by "personalization." Inflyuens marketing can be called Bleed the kind of product placement. In addition to raising awareness through the appearance in the frame of recommendation marketing to brand values added value blogger.

Secondly, the impact is through a personal recommendation, natively, imperceptibly. We do not feel a dirty trick on the boards of close friends? So it is here: bloggers, especially on a local scale, perceived by subscribers as-tested friends. This causes high efficiency influence marketing campaigns.

How to find the best thought leaders

From choosing inflyuensera determine the effectiveness of the entire campaign. The most problematic stage - selection inflyuensera, 36% of respondents agree with this:

Consider this and subsequent stages inflyuens marketing:

Statement of the campaign goals

The target will depend on all the other items.

If for you it is important to increase the coverage, it is necessary to aim at promoted accounts active (!) Audience of subscribers. Because of you know a lot of people, but there is no guarantee an increase in sales.

If at first you are still financial performance, then perhaps we should focus on local opinion leaders. Such people have a smaller number of subscribers, but more intimate contact with your audience.

Also local celebrities will be useful in the reputation of the campaign. If you want to increase the confidence in the product or return the location of the consumer, the local favorite will do for you a lot more than a superstar with millions of viewers.

site selection

Here it is necessary to start from two factors: the preferences of the target audience and product specifics. Learn their customers how they spend their day? In what social networks spend more time and - most importantly - what are they doing? Make a portrait of his client and his way from the appearance of the solution needs to buy.

Also think about product specifics will depend on the format of the submission of its audience. If it is fashionable clothes, the best option would be fotokontent - then the best platform will definitely become Instagram. And if this book? Then the photos will be more complementary tool to the main text. This format is typical for VKontakte and Facebook. If your product is best revealed in a review, demonstrate the practical application, while the main platform to become Youtube and, accordingly, inflyuenserov too should be sought among vlogerov.

Choosing inflyuensera

It can be done manually, but you can use the services. For example, Buzzoole finds embodiments of the 200000th base; Getblogger, Speakr , hypr pick inflyuenserov and automate the evaluation of the effectiveness.

And rest assured: no matter how specific your product may have been, it will be enough opinion leaders.

When choosing important to consider the following options:

  • Compliance with human philosophy of your brand philosophy. Any blogger translates your view of the world, sometimes very specific. whether it corresponds to your mission?
  • Content. Pay attention to the clearance of accounts. Naturally, none of the blogger does not agree to change his style to please you. Therefore, to vote in advance how your product fits into the overall fabric.
  • The number of subscribers. Experts note a correlation number of audience with its activity. Thus, the most effective in this regard will be profiles of 10-100 thousand subscribers. Further there is a sharp drop in audience involvement.
  • The financial capacity of the account. Anyway, blogger gathers certain people. These people have a kind of financial situation. To understand the potential return on the campaign, it is necessary to analyze in advance the solvency of Central Asia. To do this, examine the subscribers through their own pages. Yes, it's not fast, but you will be able to generate more specific expectations for cooperation with one or another inflyuenserom.
  • Other campaigns. Evaluate how the blogger with other products (and whether it is running). How often it publishes advertising, as it supports the discussion under the advertising, finds herself the pluses and operates advertising benefits, how deep his personal experience in the use, in general, the extent of his dive.


Once decided on the inflyuenserom, you can go on contact. It is important to go through the most convenient for the blogger. If the cap profile contains a special post for cooperation - first write there. This politeness. You are invading personal space to man - consider with respect to its requirements. Then, if the first "official" attempt, had no success, you will be able to write to the PM already, mentioning that with advertising mail you have not answered.

Plan the conditions for cooperation. If you are willing only to barter - indicate this at the first contact. If you can offer a cash reward - also necessarily Convey it to the man. Sometimes it is this point becomes crucial.

Also, when forming the letter sure to leave you the opportunity to refuse. Collaboration or cooperation - a purely personal matter. Do not put people in an awkward position. Your task is to make friends!


When the agreement on the partnership received, the time to discuss the details. It is very important not to compromise his own principles. Agree in advance about the boundaries of what is permitted, and is strongly recommended to have a rule of "prior censorship": reconcile every mention before placement. To avoid trouble in the future.

Select the format of cooperation. The blogger can become a full-fledged Ambassador brand or raised short-term, for example, as part of the announcement of a new line of tools. The blogger can advertise only online brand, or invited also to support offline activities.

Efficiency mark

KPI for recommendation marketing KPI differs from the SMM, despite the fact that both strategies are implemented in the social media space. But in the case of influence of marketing themselves huskies and comments do not bring tangible benefits. Besides them you want to track more productivity and cooperation with one or another blogger. It's worth to have a personal landing page for each inflyuensera, as well as create a personal promotional code to understand how much of leads results in each of the contractors. Do not forget that one publication is unlikely to immediately lead you to customers, make more FLIGHT placements to potential buyers more concerned with different inflyuenserami.

In general, it's not that hard. If your marketing plans are no recommendation marketing, it's time to try this popular promotion working channel and to evaluate its effectiveness on their own. Good luck!

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