AdSense now provides the opportunity to show gambling ads on your site

На сайте с 08.10.2003

Пардон, получил письмо на английском, не увидел предыдущей темы на русском, в поиске англ. версии не было :(

Получил только что письмо следующего содержания

Dear publisher,

Since October 11th, AdSense publishers have been able to opt into a gambling ads category to allow gambling-related ads to run on their sites. Many advertisers are already successfully running campaigns, and are keen to expand their reach and impact by advertising on sites in the Games vertical. As you aren’t currently opted in to showing gambling ads, we wanted to provide you with information on these ads, how you can opt in, and why you may wish to do so.

What are gambling ads?
Gambling ads related to the following topics may be allowed to run on your site if you opt in: bingo, lotteries, online casino games, tips, odds, handicapping, education/supplemental materials, bonus codes and sports betting. Individual advertisers receive certificates allowing them to run particular types of gambling ads on particular sites, in particular countries. Each certificate issued is individually vetted.

Please note that at this time, we’re changing only our policies around what types of ads are eligible to show in the AdSense network -- the AdSense programme policies continue to prohibit the placement of ads on sites that accept money or allow users to place bets in exchange for an opportunity to earn cash or other prizes, directly from the site.

What are the benefits of displaying gambling ads?
Our initial results indicate that, on average, publishers who opt into receiving gambling-related ads see an uplift in their AdSense earnings. This is due to increased competition in the ad auction and users’ click-throughs on the ads

Not sure if gambling ads are permitted in your region?
Gambling ads will only serve in regions permitted by law. If you opt in, only visitors from your country will see gambling ads, and they’ll only see the types of gambling ads permitted by law. For more details, please review the Sensitive Categories information provided in the AdSense Help Centre.

Additionally, due to local laws, we strongly recommend that publishers do not opt into receiving gambling ads if their primary site is intended for individuals under 18 years of age.

If I opt in to display gambling ads, when will they be displayed?
Gambling ads can be contextually and placement targeted, and will be displayed only when:
The gambling labels attached to the ad are legal in the end-user’s country, as determined by IP address.
The advertiser has been certified to display the gambling ad type to your country.
The end-user is located in the same country as the AdSense publisher's billing address.
Neither Google nor the publisher know the end-user to be under 18 years old.
The current page is not child- or family-oriented.

Ready to opt into gambling ads?
To opt into display gambling ads:
Visit the ‘Allow & block ads’ tab.
Click ‘Sensitive categories’ in the left hand panel.
Select the relevant product from the drop-down menu (e.g. AdSense for Content).
Under ‘Opt-in’, click on the ‘Blocked’ button next to the Gambling opt-in.
Click ‘Confirm’ to indicate that your site is not targeted at individuals under 18 years old.

Ну и дальше кнопка сабмит.

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А одной темы мало?

На сайте с 08.10.2003
А одной темы мало?

Пардон, искал на анлийском, мне пришло на английском, такого не нашел :(((

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