Mostbet Partners is an official affiliate program of betting and iGaming company Mostbet. The program was launched back in 2016. Since then, a few thousand partners have brought over 15 000 000 players from all around the world to Mostbet.

Promoting traffic through apps is the most popular way to attract gamblers to online casino offers. If you want to come into the vertical unprepared, without experience and skills of working with apps, then, most probably, you will fail.

We have already told you about the difference between iOS and Android apps, and the main differences lied in the available traffic volume and scalability. Thus, the app lifetime is the main factor why iOS is better then Android.

What steps should you take to pass the Google moderation and earn money? Check out the tips from Mostbet Partners.

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On October 4th Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp layed for 6 hours! This was the largest failure in the history of the service. Just one evening — and Mark Zuckerberg lost $ 6.3 billion, and Facebook shares sank 5.22% . The traffic flow didn’t just stop, it disappeared. All over the planet, people massively did not have access to networks, moving to other messengers. What conclusions did affiliates draw? Consider in this article.

Mostbet Partners blog readers already know how to promote gambling apps to the app stores.

In this article you will learn the main reasons for bans, as well as the factors that affect the lifetime of apps in Google Play.

Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe with a rapidly developing digital economy and a robust industry. Poles have enough money to spend on life and on entertainment, and their love of sports and gambling helped Poland claim the GEO of the month title.

In this article, Mostbet Partners shares useful information about PL which will help in driving traffic to online gambling offers.

Hello, friends! Farming is the process of to increase Facebook accounts trust in order to launch ads.
There are many opinions about how to farm FB accounts properly, and what result can be achieved using different hypotheses. In this article, Mostbet Partners shares the experience of its partners and gives recommendations in order to increase the availability and service life of accounts for use them for online gambling.

Hello, friends! How do I find out that the issued account is ready to work? You can take the seller’s word for it, or you can use auxiliary tools.

Perhaps, for many, this will be a solution to the issue of the quality of the purchased accounts, and someone will be able to give a good kick to a hired farmer.
Facebook has an open auxiliary interface that makes it clear how trustful the analyzed profile is, what information the bots have managed to collect and when it is finally possible to climb into the Ads Manager to properly attract traffic.

Read the article.

Hello, friends! Traffic monetization via apps is the most popular way to attract leads through online gambling. IOS or Android - be or not to be? The financial side of the issue remains the key for many arbitrageurs.

Thus, Mostbet Partners are here for you, and in this article, you will find out all the main differences between iOS and Android apps, so you will be able to use the information while working with gambling offers.

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