On the platform become available Yandeks.Dialogi private skills and Sharing

Yandeks.Dialogi on the platform became available two new functionalities: private skills and Sharing. They will help in the design and testing skills.

Private skills are published without moderation and only work on devices where the user is logged in with the same login name under which develops the skill to Yandeks.Dialogi platform. Now at the stage of development it will be possible to test the application on real devices: check activation phrase, word recognition, synthesis correctness. The changes concern both conventional voice applications and skills Smart House.

In this case, the hidden skills continue to work as before, however, create a hidden skill is no longer possible.

A developer can work on private skill and share it with someone. To do this in the new section "Access" you need to generate a one-time reference. A user who goes by it will be accessible private skill. Access will appear on all surfaces where the user is authorized.

Learn more about the new features can be found in the Documentation .

Recall that in late April Yandeks.Dialogi launched the possibility to connect to the advertising skills and earnings at shows mini-banners skills. The latter appear in the call skill of the Yandex search application on mobile devices with the Android operating system.

Source: Блог Яндекс.Диалогов