Shares of Yandex have updated the record for the value of

Yandex shares on the Moscow stock exchange updated the historical maximum, surpassing the mark of 3,160 rubles. per share. At the peak with the opening of the trading price of shares of the company amounted to 3164 rubles. 60 kopecks.

Recall Yandex quotes on the Moscow stock exchange for the first time surpassed the mark of 3 thousand. Rubles at the beginning of February. The previous record was set on 10 February at the height of paper traded at a price of 3143 rubles. Last fall Yandex happened on March 18 against the spread of the coronavirus, while paper cost 2318 rubles.

Timur Nigmatullin, investment manager "Discovery Agent":

"We are seeing a re-evaluation of the market capitalization of the company due to a number of factors. Among them, the output of the state in the face of the Savings Bank of the joint project I take; by Yandex is also expected to consolidate assets in a taxi and delivery followed by the IPO, which will reveal the value of this business segment. "

According to the analyst BCS Global Markets Mary Sukhanova on quoted shares Yandex has affected the general optimism in the stock markets, particularly in terms of Internet companies and analysts' expectations that the company's shares on the Moscow stock exchange will include in the MSCI index in August.

As previously reported , Yandex and Sberbank are going to stop a partnership of two joint ventures - of Yandex.Market and Yandex. Joint venture in the field of e-Commerce (including marketpleys Beru) should move Yandex and Yandex - Sberbank.

Source: Коммерсант