Facebook sued the site for the sale of likes and collection of data users

Facebook this week the company filed a lawsuit against the operators of the two sites, which have violated the rules of the platform. They are accused of selling to Instagram likes and collecting user data, respectively.

  • The lawsuit in Spain

The first lawsuit was filed in the Madrid. The respondent was a local company MGP25 Cyberint Services. It manages a website that sells huskies and comments on Instagram.

The lawsuit alleges that the company continued to do even after Facebook disabled her account and sent a letter with a demand to stop this activity.

  • The lawsuit in US

The second claim is registered in the United States, in the court of San Francisco, against Massroot8.com owner.

Officially, the service allows users to manage multiple accounts to Facebook. However, according to the social network, after the account configuration it steals user passwords.

These passwords are then used to access the account and collect user data.

According to the lawsuit, the owner Massroot8.com managed to get access to more than 5,500 Facebook-account. Despite the requirement to cease this activity, the site continues to function.

Source: Facebook