WordPress is headed by top 10 CMS sites and zones .RU .RF

Hosting provider and domain registrar REG.RU introduced CMS usage statistics in zones .RU and .RF.

According to the analytical service StatOnline.ru, the number of sites with the CMS in a zone .RU totals 1,027,607, and in .RF - 108 106. The first six content management systems in both zones is the same, there are differences from the seventh to the tenth place.

The absolute leader in the two domain zones - WordPress: in .RU share is 51% (526 000 sites), and .RF - 42% (45 000 sites). CMS popularity associated with free use of the basic options, a large community of developers who are constantly introducing new features and plugins. Play a role as ease of management, it is important for beginners, and a relatively simple customization of the sites for different tasks.

In second place 1C-Bitrix, which in .RU - 13.4% (138 000 sites) in .RF - 13,6% (14 700 sites). This commercial CMS is growing significantly in recent years, even in the autumn of 2018 it was in third place. The main reason - Integration with 1C products, which use about 90% of Russian trading companies. They 1C-Bitrix, as a rule, is a direct function properly, unlike other CMS. This makes the service one of the most popular in the business community.

Closes the three leaders of Joomla, which dropped from second to third place in the last two years. In zone .RU proportion is 12% (122,600 sites) in .RF - 13.5% (14 to 500 sites). In this CMS is also a lot of developers and plug-ins, however, for it is inferior WordPress control convenience.

In fourth place is the MODx. She in .RU zone - 5.3% (54,500 sites), in .RF - 5.5% (6000 sites). In the fifth - Drupal, which share in .RU - 5,3% (34 000 sites), and in .RF - 3.5% (3,800 sites).

Next in the ranking are the designers of sites - a service where you can create an online project of ready-made blocks and solutions. They are not considered to CMS in the traditional sense, but through them, you can manage content on the already established sites. The largest percentage of them in the Wix service, which is in sixth place in both areas: in .RU it is 3% (30,000 sites), in .RF - and 3% (3300 sites).

From the seventh to tenth place in the constructors websites of two national domain zones vary, but take almost equal shares in the market. In this .RU WebAsyst Shop-Script, DataLife Engine, uCoz, REG.RU WebSiteBuilder with stakes from 1.42% to 1.15% (14 000-12 000 thousand sites), in .RF - REG.RU WebSiteBuilder, Site .pro, Nethouse, uKit, which occupy from 2.8% to 2% (3 000-2 000 thousand sites).

Alex Korolyuk, CEO REG.RU:

"Significant diversity CMS gives more freedom to the user to find exactly the tool that they need. This can be a free decision, and commercial system. Among the former leader, no doubt, WordPress. With a basis of free features, site administrators to re-buy the necessary plug-ins as needed, honing solution for themselves. The most demanded commercial CMS - 1C-Bitrix. Today, it provides not only a high quality integration with 1C, but quickly introduces all legislative innovations in the field of trade, which is especially important for entrepreneurs. "

Recall that in mid-May, Google employee Gary Ilsh said that WordPress is quite can soon get the support of native Sitemap files.

Note also that the version Rating Runet , the most popular CMS in 2019 were 1C-Bitrix and WordPress.

Source: Пресс-релиз REG.RU