Google has confirmed that support nofollow attribute in links to HTML-link tag

Google employee Gary Ilsh confirmed on Twitter, the search engine that really supports the nofollow attribute in links with the HTML-tag <link> .

This attribute is supported in «rel =" alternate nofollow "» format, and its use to prevent the use of links from ahref attribute.

If nofollow is not registered, the URL of the href will be extracted as a reference without the weight.

The references to the <link> tag can also use the new attributes rel = ugc and rel = sponsored.

The question was asked to Ilshu head Yoast Joost de Valk (Joost de Valk), who wants to ask Google not to scan RSS-feeds comments on WordPress-sites.

Recall that the nofollow attribute was one of the issues that were discussed in the first edition of a new podcast Google "Search Off the Record".

From this edition also it became known that the new reference attribute rel = sponsored use about 1 million sites.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable