Pavel Durov presented an ultimatum to Facebook

Creator Telegram accused Facebook and Instagram in advertising promoting the scam on his behalf

Pavel Durov today in a Telegram-channel accused of Facebook and Instagram hers in earnings from advertising scams, illegal use of its name.

According Telegram founder, for over a year such fraudulent schemes approved by the moderators of Facebook, received the official status of advertisements and thereby misleading the people. And often the victims of scams are elderly people and pensioners.

The last case of such fraud is described in the media today - the newspaper Izvestia published material on how scammers pretending to technicians' unique trading platform for retirees who worked brothers Durov "deception for the pensioner received a loan of 180 thousand rubles.

According to the victim, this advertising platform she saw in one of the social networks on which and passed. However, the media have reported about such fraudulent ads on Facebook a year ago. Despite numerous complaints and indignation of users, Facebook and Instagram continue to promote this advertisement and to this day, earning the financial inexperience users.

Durov said that judging by the speed with which the team of Russian-speaking Facebook moderators exercise political censorship, the resources to assess advertisements, the company should be enough. And it warns that in the interest of Facebook to start to take responsibility for their own advertising platform until the end of the week.

"I also hope that the company compensates its users with the damage caused by the actions of its moderators. If this does not happen, I urge Facebook and Instagram users to save cases spread by fraudulent advertisements. This evidence can be claimed as part of the possible in the case of lawsuits, "- concludes the founder Telegram.

Note that this is not the first conflict Durov with Facebook. He has repeatedly called WhatsApp users remove their own phone, speaking with such statements in November last year and January of this . The reason for this was the messenger vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to gain access to user data.

Recently it became known that the Telegram refused by Giphy service in favor of the Tenor. Earlier, in May, Facebook acquired GIF-Giphy search engine for $ 400 million.