What's new in the fall Turbo pages

Traditionally Turbo pages shared team plans next innovation for accelerated content sites this fall.

To improve the appearance of the will:

  • Supports Turbo pages to a broader class of mobile screens - to turbo-pages looked equally well not only mobile, but also on tablets.
  • Transfer html-layout directly in the RSS. It will be virtually unchanged ready to move the blocks on your website Turbo page and do not waste time re-setting appearance.
  • Configure basic design elements without CSS. This will save time in the development of their own CSS and easily customize colors, fonts, logo, and other items directly to webmasters and
  • quickly enable online light and dark themes.

To engage the audience:

  • Commendation widget can be added to the Turbo page.
  • Improved automatic ribbon recommendations.
  • Work with comments - the ability to keep track of a list of articles, which appeared last comments, as well as enable and disable comments separately for specific articles.

To increase site revenue will be realized:

  • Quick connection monetization. Advertise on Turbo pages will be easier - no complicated settings in the interface advertising network.
  • New algorithms for automatic placement of advertising, which can additionally take into account the data on the activity of the audience on the site.
  • Server-side rendering, accelerating the rendering of ads on the first screen, so that more visitors have time to see them before moving to another page.
  • Native design blocks. This will help to increase the loyalty of users perception of ads, and thus - to reduce the number of failures.
  • More space for video. In most units, where formerly only supported by banner ads, video ads will now participate in auctions.

Team Turbo pages continues to receive ideas and suggestions for improving the turbo-page functionality through support and will be happy to know that webmasters would like to see in future releases.

Recall that in late April in a basket on Turbo pages appeared online payment . New fuktsional helps to improve the user experience and help to increase the conversion of store site.

Source: Блог Рекламных технологий Яндекса
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