Apple Search Ads improves the conversion of the installation of applications by 17%

The company Zen Mobile Agency , which is part of iConText Group, tested marketing tool Apple Search Ads, which again became available for the Russians at the beginning of May 2020.

Apple Search Ads - an advertising tool to promote Apple's App Store within apps by keywords and attract the right audience. Marketers around the world are using it for about five years, but Russia in the App Store search access to advertising was suspended from December 2018.

Apple has explained its decision to close the service in Russia changes in the tax laws of the country. It was about putting the new rules of payment of so-called "tax on Google», which entered into force on 1 January 2019.

In early May of this year, the company has returned to Russian iOS-developers access to advertising within the App Store application store. Experts of the company Zen Mobile Agency tested the Apple Search Ads. They used a promotional tool for the promotion of applications and compared the before and after launch. According to the results of testing the conversion was higher than 17% in the installation using Apple Search Ads.

The quality of an auditor has not decreased. People do not just download the application, but also to make it certain actions: log in, register, make purchases, receive training, add to cart, watching advertisements and so on.

Why in the App Store advertising is effective

According to Zen Mobile Agency, more than 85% App Store users are looking for applications through organic search and 78% of them are open the first application to issue. In addition, according to Apple to statistics, 65% of the plants takes place just after the search in the Store. The effectiveness and relevance of the advertising tool is also confirmed in transitions high conversion - 50% on average. For comparison, the average CTR (CTR) standard advertising is 1-1.5%.

How does Apple Search Ads

Mechanics work Apple Search Ads similar to contextual advertising, but there are certain nuances. In moving from the App Store is not only important key rate, but also the optimization of mobile applications. If the wrong register keywords, title and other characteristics, what would you bid high or offered, the user will go to a competitor.

A large role for artificial intelligence, which calculates the behavior of the user mechanism. Apple Search Ads determines the probability of each specific application setup man, and depending on this it demonstrates ad or not. For example, if the application is installed you do X, you are prompted to view competitors' applications, rather than something that you already use.

Elena Pikunova, managing partner of Zen Mobile Agency:

According to Apple's, 67% of users trust advertisements in the App Store search, because it looks like a native. That's why Apple Search Ads advertising tool is a powerful addition to the existing promotion strategies. Any marketing activity guide the user to the App Store on the side of the court, and when he sees there an application advertising, which gets him earlier, that are more likely to download it.

Recall, Apple opened up access to the search engine advertising in the App Store to all publishers and developers in September 2016. Both then and now Apple's first campaign offers a credit of $ 100.