Search engine marketing - 2020. e-Commerce

Especially the promotion of Russian e-commerce sites

The company " Ashmanov and Partners " conducted a study of the Russian e-commerce market, and prepared another report about the features of promotion of sites of this subject in 2020.

The study found that organic traffic from search engines is one of the key sources of attendance Russian e-commerce sites and is ahead in terms of volume and importance for players other sources: advertising, email-newsletters, social networks.

The majority (84%), representatives of the market e-commerce to promote the site in search engines. In this case, 66% seeing an increase in traffic from the search on the basis of 2019, and 47% - sales growth. Only about 15% of the owners of e-commerce resources are not satisfied with the progress in the search for Yandex and Google in the last year.

If we talk about the cost to attract customers from search engines, then, for 47% it is lower than other online marketing channels. On results of 2019 the cost to attract customers from search increased from 38% e-commerce sites, mainly in the big players with a turnover of more than 2 billion rubles a year. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are increasingly investing in promotion, than the representatives of small and medium-sized companies in particular.

The study also found that among online retailers is medium in size more than those who place bids in marketpleysah than among large and small. According to post, of Yandex.Market - the most effective marketpleys and Ozon effective than Wildberries.

Russian e-commerce sites attendance is about a billion visits per month. At the same time visits to desktop devices still outperform visits from mobile - 55.26% versus 44.74%:

Attendance e-commerce segment decreased by 8.25% in April 2020.

Even among the major players in this time of growth showed only Wildberries rest of the top 5 have experienced a decline sposeschaemosti.

One-third of desktop traffic in e-commerce accounted for visits from search engines. On paid search - just over 5%.

The main source of traffic e-commerce sites on the desktop - direct calls, their share is 41.33%. The volume is reduced direct traffic from the fourth quarter of 2019, and in the first quarter of 2020 is almost on par with the visits of the organic search, which account for 33.68%.

Other sources of desktop traffic to e-commerce sites are email - 6.76% referral - 6.21%, social services - 4.69%, paid search - 5.2% and display ads - 2.13%.

The study found that slightly less than half of online stores (49%) do without SEO-specialists. Important: The online shopping based on the offline reteyla almost twice as likely to hire a SEO-specialist in the state (39%) than in case of online shopping (69%).

40% of the market participants in fully or partially delegate SEO-promotion agencies. 65% of sites from this group no substitute for a full-time SEO-experts the agency, while 23% combine their specialist staff and agencies.

Marketpleysy dominate the search, but they are considered major competitors, not all owners of online stores, and 44%.

Despite the fact that online supermarkets are also often highly ranked in the search, they are considered competitors, only 14% of sites. The remaining 30% is considered the main competitors of other online retailers.

66% of the market participants are guided by the competitors in the construction of strategies to promote the search engines.

Promotion of the volume of search traffic - the most popular (39%) SEO-strategy in the industry. In second place - the promotion of the positions (33%), the third - the promotion of pay-per-Leads (9%). The proportion of participants who reported an increase in traffic and sales: 52% - on the amount of traffic, 50% - pay-per-Lida, 30% - on positions.

More than half (53%) of online stores spend SEO-audit at least once a year. At the same time the proportion of participants who noted the increase in sales and attendance is higher in the group that audits more frequently than once a year - 55% against 39%.

It is noteworthy that 63% of the last fully or partially trusted conducting SEO-audit agencies.

marketpleysov leadership encourages other players to increase the sites. Owners e-commerce-sites significant points growth SEO consider expanding site structure (73%), improvement of behavioral characteristics (70%) and adaptation to mobile devices (50%).

Present in Yandex services for e-commerce sites is almost the norm - 83% of online retailers reported that there are at Yandex services.

Key challenges Russian online shopping had to face in 2020:

  • The fall in purchasing power of the population
  • Intense competition, the crisis in the pandemic as a whole on the market
  • Omnikanalnaya trade, sales via Instagram
  • The need for significant expansion of the range
  • The need to improve the recognition site to the level "Comus", "Duckbill», DNS, etc.
  • Coronavirus, the dollar and the closure of shops with customers.
  • The need to expand presence in marketpleysah
  • Budget, lack of professionals, poor staff training
  • The need to change the website platform
  • decrease in demand
  • Price dumping by competitors
  • Price competition between the major marketpleysami
  • Expectation on the part of consumers great discounts on goods

According to experts "Ashmanov and partners" in the crisis should not be limited only to its site, it is important to attract as many users as possible from any source.

This can and should work with all search space: with Yandex services, aggregators, marketpleysami, koldunschikami, and including sites with the top of search results.

It is desirable in the crisis:

  • To have accounts on all sectoral aggregators and pay special attention to the ones that come in the top 10 of search results for your desired targeted requests.
  • Connect Yandeks.Dzen, Kew Market and Services.
  • Monitor your rankings on sites otzovikov.
  • To engage in the development of On Yandex.Maps rankings, Google Maps and 2Gis.
  • Publishing expert materials in the popular media.

The full version of the report on search engine marketing in the state of e-Commerce can be found here .

Earlier, the experts' Ashmanov and partners "prepared a report about the features of the promotion of Russian real estate sites -" Search engine marketing - 2020. Real Estate . "

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