Monobrand not a sentence. From the abyss of SEO-despair to the pinnacle of success

Author: Andrey Kuzovlev expert TRINET.Group

Coavtor / editor: Olga Mikhailova, marketer TRINET.Group

The e-Commerce has two wolves, both are insatiable and ruthless, and if long wandering of SEO-woods, you definitely run into one of them. And if you are lucky as we were lucky, then two at once.

The first wolf - mono-brand sites.
A second wolf - a seasonal decline.

Today I'll show you how at a meeting with the wolf not only survive, but also to tame him, the example of a real case.

Client: online store for the sale of American playgrounds, the official dealer of «Rainbow Play Systems».

Complexity of the project at the start:

  • A small assortment
  • monobrand
  • Pronounced seasonality
  • A narrow target audience

Online store and 33 accident

Then I'll tell you what problems we solved, and most importantly - what difficulties encountered, working on this project.

Why is the main thing - the complexity? Projects often involve problems, deciding who can provide them with the greatest growth.

Unhappiness 1. Insufficient range and monobrand

Many know why it is difficult to promote the shops with a small assortment. Let me remind you the formula of commercial relevance in Yandex.

So it looks: R c (q, d, s) = V (q, d) * (2T (s) + U (s) + D (s) + 2S (s)).

And so it is translated into Russian:

Commercial relevance = (variety and quantity of goods) x (2x (reliability) + (design) + (usability) + 2 (Quality of Service)).

You see? All multiplied by the variety and quantity of goods (read range).

For clarity, the conditions in which we find ourselves, a small table:

And if the number of categories you can artificially expand (tell you how), then with the brands do nothing. In addition to restructuring the client's business, but that's another story.

Misfortune 2. The pronounced seasonality

The difference in demand in season / off-season reaches record levels in 5 times. Hot, in every sense, the season lasts 5 months and peak demand - 3 months.

During this time, you should manage to collect a sufficient number of leads to ensure that the needs of business and lay the budget for development.

3. misfortune narrow niche + high competition

What could be harder than to fight large multi-brand retailers, giving them in stock? To give them and the price offer.

I did not say, but the price segment of our client - a premium. It is even more complicated and narrowed niche strategy selection.

Audience outreach strategy

1. Its segment

The first way in which we could go: to move on queries related to "premium segment", "elite sites" - that is, to compete in your niche.
This is a working strategy for many areas, and a natural solution from the point of view of search engines.

Imagine that the buyer comes to offline store to choose a children's playground, and you have to offer products of only one brand, and all - at a price much higher than the average. From the perspective of a search engine, the site with the trademark proposal does not solve the problem of the visitor. And if the shop has positioned itself as an elite - is another matter.

For those who plan to play in his field: you need to start with a competitive analysis, and divide the semantics of several groups - in accordance with the "weight categories" of competitors for each query group.

Moving in the segment, you can quickly gather a loyal traffic - lead people to a site that may already be familiar with the brand. And with little effort and in less time to reach the top of the semantics are not very competitive, and secure a good visibility in the narrow niche. It's like a game at an initial level of complexity.

But who are looking for premium luxury pad, too small for our client, this approach would not solve a business problem, because the percentage of people.

2. Promotion of a wide nucleus

The second way: to play in a foreign field, and promote the site for non-brand categorical demands. It's harder, but gives greater potential audience coverage.

The strategy is simple to describe, but difficult in execution: for each group of queries need landing page by category of goods, but these pages will not be competitive enough in themselves.

We need to create child pages sub-categories, each of which will be to transfer part of its weight on the parent page, and pay maximum attention to the fact that child pages do not just exist, but to collect traffic and demonstrated positive behavioral cues.

3. Brand awareness

The third way: to increase brand awareness, so that people preferred to store our client's multi-brand competitor.

The main ways to increase brand awareness in the e-Commerce:

  • Data traffic (it will tell more)
  • Traffic from other sources: articles, reviews on popular sources to social networking
  • Crowd, also known as "guerrilla marketing" - the closest thing to the good old "word of mouth"

We chose a combination of the second and third methods. Let's see what came of it: analyze 7 steps that we have done to achieve the goal.

7 Steps to Success

Here's how to look at the position of the start of works:

Step 1: Technical perfection (and why it is not necessary to achieve)

We took the site from another SEO-agency. It would seem that you can skip the database - a technical audit - and look for points of growth in the other.

But paradoxically, it is in this case an audit is very important, because if there is a technical problem, because of which the site for a long time poorly ranked or indexed, it necessarily must be found. In other efforts to promote will be multiplied by zero.

We conducted a technical audit of the site for 300 parameters, 98 to identify and correct errors, of which 64 errors - in the first month.

Examples of errors:

It is equally important to remember that to achieve the ideal is not necessarily.

Separate the tasks by priority and follow the first that gives 80% of the results. Search engines are quite capable to tolerate the presence of several incorrect titles or unnecessary redirects. Therefore, eliminating the burning issues, we started the next phase of the project - scaling.

Step 2: Development of the structure

  • We collected 190 searches
  • Shaped structure of the site
  • We have developed a new entry point:
    - 10 new commercial landing pages for different target audiences
    - 20 pages of new information
  • To fill the new commercial opportunities pages without actually increase customer range, we artificially increased commodity matrix.

As a result, we got a + 215% to reach.

How do we do that?
Read on: A practical guide for small scale online store.

How to develop the structure of the internet shop?

The first thing to start with a demand analysis and selection of semantics, until low-frequency queries.

To do this, we have decided to answer the questions:

  • Who can buy playgrounds our client?
  • Where the customer installs a playground?
  • What characteristics are important areas to make a choice?
  • Which groups can be divided into areas, based on these characteristics?

We determine which categories to divide the goods to the site there was a page for each customer group. Each time asking the question and answering it, we collected new groups of search queries for which the site might look for potential customers.

For example, we know that playgrounds can buy to give, to be installed in the backyard or public places - for example, in front of the shopping center.

Choosing a platform for suburban area, the buyer may prefer one of the manufacturing materials:

  • Wood (natural material, eco-style)
  • Metal sites (the reliability and durability)
  • Made of plastic (easy to transport, safe to handle)

And for a man may be important that at the site where it will play the child, were swings and a slide for skiing.

The illustration below - illustration of how the combination of these parameters in various combinations can be reflected in the structure of the site.

Working on such a scheme, we have collected the maximum search intents and created for each landing page.
So we killed two birds with one stone:

  • Each landing page for the new intent - it is the audience who come to the site of interest for her needs
  • Each page in our case - a category of goods, which increases the range of

Step 3. Removing duplicates

"More" does not always mean "better".

Previous SEO-company also led efforts to expand the site's structure. But their work has led to the emergence of 96 doubles landing pages. The same products were duplicated in all categories. Pages-takes interfere with each other, and no one could not take a high position on the targeted search queries.

We eliminated duplicates.

Terms and mistakes artificial extension

When you artificially extend the project structure, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • Create only popular categories, analyze the frequency of queries
  • Unikaliziruyte card catalog, if the output is a single product in multiple categories
  • Make Listings different products in different categories: even sorting matters and increases the uniqueness of the page
  • Create collections (collections) - they will go for the goods

And try to avoid major mistakes:

  • Do not duplicate the landing page
  • Do not print out all the same products
  • Do not create a category for which there is no demand

3 months after the start of work, we have brought in the top-10 a lot of requests for which the site did not get even in the top 100.

Step 4. Tips to product portfolio

As unikalizirovat card catalog?
All means are good:

  • Handling photo via visual editor
  • Brief description of unique or at least the name
  • The emphasis in the names on the characteristics that correspond to categories

About the names of the goods should be discussed separately.

Imagine that you are creating a list of products to bring it to the sites page for questioning. It can be called a "playground for Star Light garden." Then, you create a "clone" the site for the page are all areas with slides.

Now, the name might be: "Play Center with swings Star Light Open Space».


  • Step 1: Playground + {to give} + Star Light
  • Step 2: Children's playground with slide {+} + Star Light
  • Step 3: Playground Play Center + {with swings} + Star Light + Open Space # proper name for unikalizatsii

And yet, as we checked in practice, you can complement the range of accessories or sets (collections).

Step 5. Usability

We conducted a usability audit of the site on 50 parameters analyzed the top 11 competitors, and found that the site does not meet them on many important indicators.

We leveled the difference due to the complex tasks, such as:

  • Made convenient sidebar
  • Reviews brought in the goods cards
  • Redesigned page 404, that it was not a dead-end
  • Implemented a functional "similar goods"
  • Fixed the search box
  • Added a search string in the header
  • We set up a clickable phone
  • We are using Turbo technology pages and AMP
  • Fixed work forms "Call Ordering"
  • We simplify the process of purchasing
  • We changed the layout of the page directory and baskets
  • We changed the design of interface elements
  • Brought into view information about delivery and payment
  • They articulate the benefits that were drawn and brought to the pages of infographics

According to the results we have reduced the failure rate is 2 times for all traffic channels to attract.

Step 6 content marketing for the store

Why drive traffic to a site in the off-season? To warm up the audience.

Why attract people to the store's website for information requests? To introduce potential buyers to your brand.

Why write reviews of different brands in the monobrand site? To show those who are looking for another brand that there is an alternative.

These problems are solved content marketing.

Since February 2019 we have started to post on the site:

  • reviews of playgrounds and their components
  • tips for parents on the operation and safety
  • article on active recreation for children
  • instructions for the selection of children's playgrounds

These activities have increased information traffic to the site 78 times.
A data traffic - is the first step in the sales funnel.

Step 7: External optimization (good old links)

Someone says that the links do not work. Someone says that they work better than before.

We went empirically, and developed a reference mass site from scratch (at the start of inbound links were not at all):

  • Timeless posted links to donors that meet our quality criteria
  • Crowd-ordered links to thematically similar forums
  • Submitting your site to the popular directories and catalogs
  • Diversity anchor sheet

Four-time queries growth in the top 10 Google hints that engage external optimization online store - the right decision.

Summary and Conclusions

The easiest way to play at home and promote luxury goods sites upon request. You can raise brand awareness and increase the coverage of the audience several times.

We preferred to go further:

  • We eliminated the technical problems the site, preventing proper indexation
  • We expanded site structure and created new entry points to the site to all target audiences
  • We went into a wider niche, and not afraid to compete with the giants of the multi-brand
  • Tricks used: artificially expanded catalog and range of customer
  • Do content marketing and brand was introduced to thousands of potential buyers
  • Worked funnel from the inlet to the purchase and increase conversion for all channels

All this has given us:

And yes, perhaps some readers will think that all of this season). Therefore, for clarity, below is a comparison of traffic in 2018 and 2019.

The graphs show that traffic to work with us as an order of magnitude less than in the peak season and off-season.

Trend growth has continued in 2020. Below is a comparison of traffic early in the season 2019 and 2020 th.

To understand which strategy is right for your project, every time you need to conduct an individual analysis and planning.

If resources permit, experiment:

  • Advance of the categories of the brand / narrow requests
  • and another part - for more general queries Categorical

Measures the rate of traffic growth, the percentage of coverage of the audience, behavioral indicators, and ultimately - conversion. And if you find out that it is necessary to deal with multi-brand players, I hope that the tips in this article will help you on the result of the experiment.

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