The struggle for indexing your site to Google. case

If a page is crawled, but not indexed

Shares his experience team of the Technical Department

They say that a man goes to the doctor only when a piece of the spear in the back starts to interfere with sleep. So it was with our client.

At the start

  • Internet- store of equipment for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and sanitation.
  • Indexed pages in Yandex - 31347.
  • Indexed Pages in Google - 1210 (25 times less!).
  • Visitors from the search engines at the time of commencement of works in 1235 visitors per month from Google in this case only 57 visitors a month.

The store owner sees the problem of indexing with Google, emerged after the change of URL-addresses of your pages. It attempts to fix this problem for 3 months, but to no avail.

We offer the client to deal with this issue in the framework of cooperation with our company. After shaking hands with each other virtually, proceed to ̶o̶s̶m̶o̶t̶r̶u̶ ̶k̶o̶p̶̶ya̶ finding the problem and work on optimization.

mysterious Google

After changing the site URL-address page, the new URL Google found, but did not want to index. The main reason is Google webmaster was: "scanned page, but it is not indexed."

A certificate to this effect information is scarce and goes something like this: "... In the future it can be indexed, and may remain in its current state; re-send the URL to scan is not necessary. "

The bottom line was that the search engine does not consider it necessary to publish these pages in the index, because the users did not need (in his native biased opinion): low quality pages, they did not give a response to user requests. In Yandex, in general, everything was in order.

SEOs do not give up

Logically, if a search engine finds pages of the site uninteresting (unnecessary) users, it is necessary to convince her this. To begin, we hold a number of standard works, based on personal experience and study of the demand service

  • Add info in your robots.txt file - excluded from indexing any "garbage";
  • We implemented the automatic generation of sitemap.xml file - to pay explicit attention to the search engines on the pages of the site;
  • removed all the keywords in the meta-tag keywords - specifically it has no effect, but you never know;
  • implemented the automatic generation of unique title pages from a template: "Buy Item Name - order the catalog with prices in Moscow | "Store Name" - on the basis of demand (what words are asking with goods);
  • We implemented the automatic generation of unique description pages on a template: "Internet-shop" store name "Moscow offers to buy the product name - to order products from the catalog with prices. In order for the sum of 50 000 rubles. and more - delivery free of charge. "

In the second month of work made the purchase of external links. Google, as opposed to Yandex, in our view, still good enough take into account the reference weight in the ranking of the site. The main thing - do not overdo it with the number at the start. Gradual increase in the number of links and their naturalness - the key to success.

We see the first results in the form of growth in the indexing Google: 16249 indexed pages.

Already at the initial stage of the project we felt that indexing pages can also have a negative impact not quite natural SEO-text located in all major product pages (formed on the pattern depending on the name of the product):

Wrote a new text, more discreet and natural. We offered to the client. But the client felt that the existing text affects the optimization positively, not negatively. It took some time to prove their case and persuade the customer to the contrary. The new text also substitute the name of the product, but makes it more natural. He received something like this:

On the same page sections added boilerplate text:

The result of the introduction of new texts was the increase in pages indexed in Google in the amount of 2000 pieces. Which could not please us and the client.

What's next?

Portfolio optimization continued, and it was done the following:

  • Reload the page design. They have become more functional, readable and pleasing to the eye.
  • Was transferred to the site on a secure protocol (SSL-certificate set), thereby increasing the confidence of the visitors and the search engines.


By increasing the number of indexed pages, the traffic from Google has grown about 10 times:

Which consequently led to an increase in orders from this system:

Experience with the project has shown that the problem of indexing of your site in Google search engine because of the "scanned page, but it is not indexed" can not be solved by itself - a search engine it is important to clearly understand the need for the inclusion of certain pages on your site in the index.

To do this, in our opinion, it is important to setup a site indexing, review the page optimization (even to make it a template), the contents of the pages, as well as to enhance the effect obtained by the external link on the Google search engine that draws the attention of more than a Yandex.

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