How to increase customer orders so that it is on your left. case

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This story is about how we helped the client make almost 6 million rubles for two months, and then lost it, because he did not have enough resources to cope with the incoming flow of customers.


  • The client provides services for the sale and delivery of food, organic cosmetics and household tools
  • Start of works - February 24, 2020
  • Completion of the project April 30, 2020 on the initiative of the client

Task №1. Print the site from the filter

At the start, we have a website with a negative history (see. Graph above). In order to eliminate the fall, the first thing to do was to find out the reason for the negative trend.

What are the symptoms?

Since February 2019 the project has begun drop in traffic. Number of visits from Yandex to February 2019 for February 2020 decreased from 3000 to 600 per month.

It has been hypothesized that the reason for a drop in traffic - is the ban due to poor quality of texts.

What was done in the first 2.5 weeks:

  1. We studied all notifications in Yandex.Webmaster.
  2. It analyzed the traffic dynamics in the previous 2 years.
  3. Analyzed the date of the change on the page.
  4. Established communication with the technical support Yandex to get the final answer about spammed pages.
  5. Testing of text site properties which included:
    1. Check the uniqueness of the content within the site and indexing of search engines.
    2. Determining the degree of "spammed" text for keywords.
    3. Check formatting pages for compliance with the requirements of search engines.
  6. It was found that previous SEO-company places the text on the category page, and information sections with a high content keywords:
    1. Intent was 2-3 times more than the norm.
    2. Key entry was unnatural, ie, a key request has not been adapted to offer, and is used in a direct entry.
  7. It is suggested that the removal of the texts will help to remove the filter from the site.
  8. Within one day, it was removed about 250 texts from the pages of Categories and Information sections.
  9. Pages sent to pereobhod.
  10. By submitting in Yandex.Webmaster on the lifting of sanctions.

On March 13, 2020 traffic from Yandex showed growth:

Task №2. To quickly restore traffic

In parallel with the work on the conclusion site from the filter, it was decided to focus on addressing the underlying technical problems affecting the site indexing by search engines.

What was done for the first 4 weeks:

1. Perform a technical audit of 256 items. Among which:

  • Inspection and robots.txt analysis and Sitemap
  • Search and identification of affiliates, "mirrors" of the project, technical doubles
  • meta tags Checking noindex, nofollow rel = canonical, rel = nofollow et al.
  • Check NC
  • Check the operation of processors 404, 301.302, and other server responses
  • Virus Check Website
  • Check the correctness of the service Yandex and Google Webmaster, Yandex.Spravochnik, Google My Business, Yandeks.Metrika and Google Analytics (setting goals vebvizor, etc.)
  • Check pagination
  • Checking Site Speed

2. Work on the elimination of 48 of the most significant errors, for example:

  • Works to increase the speed of loading site
  • Adjustment relink to save weight pages
  • Closing of the external links from being indexed to the site did not give your weight other resources
  • Setting pagination to the site would not duplicate pages and meta tags
  • Implementation mikrorazmetki to improve the relevancy of your pages for search engines and users, setting up in the SERP, the output contacts shops
  • Work on mikrorazmetke reviews
  • Removal of 37 adult links

3. Initial Optimization of meta tags:

  • Formation of clusters of search queries
  • Distribution of requests for pages
  • Development, approval and placing meta (Title, Description, H1) for products and categories

By the end of April, the number of visits from Yandex has grown by 5 times.

On schedule - change traffic in February 2019 to 30 April 2020.

2 months work on the project actually managed to return figures in February 2019.

Task №3. Analyze the effectiveness of advertising channels (SEO and context)

For the analysis of indicators on the number of visits, purchases and revenue channels, we turned to e-commerce data.

Initial data:

  • The period of work on the project - 24/02/2020 city - 30/04/2020 Mr.
  • Cost of work:
    • for SEO - 65 000 rubles / month..
    • by context - 80 000 rubles / month.. (Monthly fee is 20 000 rub. / Mo. + Budget of 60 000 rubles. / Mo.)
  • The traffic in this period:
    • SEO - 10,637 visits
    • Context - 15,548 visits
  • Number of purchases:
    • SEO - 640
    • Context - 305

Analysis showed:

  • Number of purchases of channel SEO more in 2 times, than out of context
  • The median income for the purchase of the SEO channel 20% higher than that of context
  • Income from the channel SEO 2.5 times higher than that of context

In April 2020, many companies have begun with the sale of its services issues.

Given the crisis in the consumer market, we have shown excellent results. Therefore, showing April 30 this data to the client, we expect to hear a decision on the continuation of works on advertising channels.

But the client is gone.

No, not because his business was closed due COVID-19. And not because he was expecting a drop in demand due to the # koronakrizisa. Just because his business was not ready for such a sharp rise.
This happens.

The client did not have sufficient production capacity to handle the increasing demand generated by our work.

What should have been a client?

  • More operators
  • More couriers
  • More production
  • More raw materials and commodities

Perhaps Internet agencies time to get out of your comfort zone under the name "We will only give traffic and customers - and everything else the customer question."

Probably, the agency should anticipate an increase in demand and to help customers transform their businesses as soon as possible for this growth. At the very least, customers expect such help from the online agencies. And this is quite the demand generated. And according to the law of the market, if there is demand - will offer.

However, if the agency will make the whole business process, from customer acquisition to building production, then why would he need customers?

Here we will be interested to know your opinion (sure to write in the comments).

But back to the figures from the table:

If the client still continued to work with us, what should be our next step?

Looking at this data, we can conclude that we should give up on the context in favor of SEO. However, this is an erroneous conclusion.

In the case of the transfer of all the budgets in one channel - SEO, we do not get a multiple growth of this channel. At the same time lose the flow of customers from the other channel, albeit not as effective as the SEO, but, nevertheless, a profitable and bringing a substantial monthly income.

In the analysis of the channels it is important to understand the ultimate challenge. It is also important to understand that all the channels are different and have different quality metrics.

Your goal is not to choose the most effective channel, and throw it all means. Your task is to identify those channels whose main KPI indicators are fighting with your business mathematics.

You need to identify those channels whose profitability indicators allow to conduct an efficient and profitable business - Objective number 1.

Objective number 2 - to identify the channels, which is clearly below the performance of your thresholds. These channels need to study in detail, and result in performance to meet your the KPI, or just turn off.


In conclusion, we wish you to stop wasting money on advertising, and start investing in it.

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