The increase in search traffic tripled with limited SEO-budget

In conditions of limited budget on SEO every action and its outcome should be carefully predicted. Here will help clear strategy and a phased study of different blocks. Prioritization of objectives and understanding of what it takes to implement it now, and that - then, can lead to a good performance indicators in the first months of operation. Even if you are not able to implement all the necessary changes at once.

who is the client

Cleo Line Clinic of laser cosmetology on the market for over 10 years. Among the main areas of work: cosmetology, figure correction, medical pedicure and nail services.

The main task that faced MediaNation . - increase in search traffic.

solution of the problem was the development of a strategy for six months and consistent execution of works on site promotion.

The quieter you go, the further you'll get

A feature of the complexity and at the same time work with the draft budget can be considered limitations on SEO. This was expressed in the fact that all of our classic works that we usually perform within one month, have been stretched to six months. Of course, this slows down the process of promotion, but when working with this project we were able to achieve good results, despite the gradual elaboration of different blocks.

One of the advantages is that the implementation of our proposed Recommendation is also our development department. When transmitting their tasks in the work, we clearly planned, what changes will be introduced every month to the budget for development is not out-of-bounds. We selected the highest priority and important points, that allows you to close the most critical moments in terms of SEO and ensure the effectiveness of their implementation, month after month.

instead audit

As such, the audit in its classical sense was not. Blocks, which we perform in the framework of the audit for one or two months, were divided into six months of work. However, the main analysis we conducted in the first three. In the future, there were only rechecking, addition and updating of information. The first item in the strategy developed was the technical analysis and the implementation of his recommendations, as technical errors - the first thing that you need to fix to improve the position of the site.

In the first place it has been corrected errors affecting indexing your site:

  1. setting redirects;
  2. removing duplicate pages;
  3. removal of broken links.

the site also was transferred to a secure https-protocol.


In the first month of work was collected basic semantic core, consisting of 509 requests. According to the collected core positions were collected for analysis of website visibility and identify lagging query groups. For all queries were selected relevant pages. we have also identified priority areas for which were issued in content recommendation

and adjusting the meta tag title, description, h1. There have also been removed Keywords Meta tags on all pages of the site.

In addition it was carried out:

  • analysis of the reference mass, during which it was found a large amount of low-quality links (e.g., donor under ACS or has a high percentage zaspamlennye, links arranged with commercial anchors, etc.);
  • analysis filters and sanctions from the search engines. The analysis revealed that in some villages are placed non-unique texts and texts, re-optimize the keywords;
  • competitive analysis of the site. The analysis revealed that the site is far behind its competitors on commercial properties. For example, the pages were missing services prices, information about doctors and methods of payment, as well as the site was not functional "Callback".

In the second month of work, we have expanded the semantic core, as well as the continued adjustment of meta tags for priority areas. With regard to the commercial part of the site, the first thing we have prepared recommendations for the revision of the services windows and card services.

site structure analysis showed the need to create new pages and internal linking, as well as the finalization of the main menu. Were eliminated basic technical errors, the site added mikrorazmetku, as well as the updated robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.

In the third month of work on the site, we saw traffic growth of Yandex, the traffic in Google remained at the same level. We hypothesized that the site may be under the reference filter, and rejected the low-quality links through Google Search Console. In addition, some sites of medical subject lost its position in Google search engine Google after a medical update in 2018. In this regard, we have prepared recommendations aimed at improving the expert site.

By the fourth month was corrected basic technical error, introduced important commercial factors, as well as adjusted meta tags for the main priorities. To increase the level of expertise we have filled the information about the doctors have added a photo of diplomas, certificates and awards, and brought this information to the service card. Also added to the authors of publications and brought information about the author.

In the third and fourth months were adjusted text on some pages of the site, as well as the creation of new services on our page TK. After carrying out these works, improvement was seen in the positions in the search engines for several queries groups.

It was also held reaudit technical part of the site for new bugs and prepared new recommendations.

In the fifth month, we again expanded the semantic core, as well as continued work on previous tasks:

  • completion of site structure and guidelines for creating new pages;
  • writing the title, description and H1;
  • preparation of the TOR for the writing of texts;
  • monitoring the implementation of technical advice, recommendations for a commercial component and internal optimization;
  • monitoring the dynamics of position and traffic analysis of lagging requests, issuing recommendations;
  • work on updating the reference weight.

As a result, for six months of work were:

  • adjusted meta-tags on the pages of the priorities;
  • fix bugs affecting indexing your site;
  • introduced the basic technical recommendations (added mikrorazmetka, updated robots.txt file and sitemap.xml, etc.);
  • adjusted site structure and internal perelinkovka;
  • modified commercial property site;
  • adjusted reference weight site;
  • carried out work to improve the level of experts.

On the difficulties

Budgetary constraints - the restriction of implementations. When there is no possibility to implement all the recommendations at once, of course, it affects performance. For example, we could not for some time to achieve traffic growth from the Google, because it has been suggested that the site suffered from a medical update or under the filter.

The volume of recommendations that is being followed on a monthly basis, was much smaller than those required to work as a whole. Therefore, the texts were processed longer, recommendations were implemented more slowly, and the impact of these implementations can be seen only after some time.

But we started with the most critical moments, so soon gave results processing, and traffic on Google move.


Start of work (August 2019)

Prior to the work overall search traffic stood at 438 crossings a week (280 transitions - Yandex, Google 155 transitions).

After three months (October 2019)

If we consider the dynamics of the search traffic for the three months from 08.05.2019 on 27.10.2019, you will notice increased traffic to Yandex 280 transitions to 422 crossings per week. In this case, traffic from Google is still roughly at the same level as at the start of works:

After six months of work (January 2020)

In the dynamics of the search traffic in the six months since the beginning of the work (with 08.05.2019 on 01.26.2020) you will notice a significant increase in traffic to Yandex from the beginning of work on 15.12.2019 (280 transitions to 636 crossings per week).

Further there is a seasonal decrease traffic in the New Year holidays. After that there is a sharp increase in traffic on Google to 01/06/2020 (from 161 to 618 crossings per week).

It may be noted that in the period from 01.20.2020 01/26/2020 at traffic from Google surpassed traffic from Yandex. Likely to increase traffic to Google influenced deviation substandard links through Google Search Console.

Status at February 2020

During the period from August 2019 to the present day the total search traffic has grown more than three-fold - from 438 to 1414 crossings a week.

Conclusions and recommendations

Working on ad-hoc project on a limited budget, we have done for a number of findings, which we hope will be useful recommendations for you:

1. Even with a limited budget on SEO with the right strategy, you can get a good result. Success depends primarily on the well-composed work plan, where tasks are prioritized.

2. To get good results almost immediately, we should start with the correction of critical errors.

3. All work is best done as part of one team (SEO + Development). This will facilitate the interaction between experts, to reduce the time between preparation and implementation of the recommendations, as well as provide quality control of the implementation of the recommendations.

4. Remember that now the search engines rank websites is not, and your business. Therefore, special attention should be given to those elements of the site, which demonstrate the scale and expert promoted by the company.

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