Link does not work promotion! Not really. Case.

Author: Ramadan Mindubaev - Technical Lead SEO department in the online agency TRINET.Group . Author of "The Bright Side of promotion of sites", teacher and school created lead generation RichMarketing, organizer SeoClubSpb community.

All probably already heard that due to limit the influence of external references in formulas search engine ranking, link promotion works poorly or not work at all. So, this statement is far from the truth, and we'll prove it.

We present a case of our online agency to promote the site construction theme with automatic procurement methods and placement of links in SeoWizard system.

Objective of the project:

  1. Print the site in the top 10 in Google
  2. Print the site in the top 3 in Yandex

Objective of the project:

Testing the effectiveness of different methods of SEO-in Yandex and Google with the subsequent sale of applications and site of a real company.


As part of the experiment at the beginning of 2019, it was created at the construction site theme and selected the most competitive region promotion - Moscow.

When choosing a niche, the following metrics:

  • CPC above 100 p
  • High competition in the SERP
  • There are more than 3 units
  • scaling
  • Features and Options
  • There is access to expert
  • The payback period of 1 year
  • Available use MVP
  • your brand
  • Detuning due to USP
  • Maturity of needs
  • Decision time up to 6 months.
  • focus audience
  • The need for personal meetings
  • There are additional channels

In fact, we have created a virtual company and the site is under it, and in the future updated the content for a real company.

We wanted to create a site that was to have relevance score "good" according to the instructions for the assessors Yandex.

Stepwise algorithm for creating and collecting background information to create a virtual company as follows:

An example of the service components of the site, which were invented in the experiment:

employees of the company

Deviation from the competition and benefits

Licenses and Certificates


Checklist create a project:

  • Domain history
  • Gasket / plug
  • Mass planting (services)
  • Visibility Social Proof
  • Website of semantics
  • projects borrow
  • content unikaliziruem
  • A specialist in the topic
  • Reviews + video reviews

The content of the site are home projects. For fast directory content has been based upon the finished projects, which then made unique:

The site implemented SEO-filter to implement the promotion of low-frequency queries due to the fact that each page has its own filter CNC address, Title, Description, and the header H1.

To implement SEO-filter is required for each project highlight its characteristics.

Study of social proof (hand-written testimonials and portfolio) to create the illusion of a real project:

Request collected from various sources (Yandex Wordstat,, SerpStat) due to the fact that the niche is seasonal demand. Total collected 783 basic request.

After the request is processed by Hard-clustering via KeyAssort the collection tops Yandex and manual adjustment.

Following the results of the site was created pyramidal hierarchy of pages for weight concentration on the core sections.

Spent optimizing the main text zones indicated below:


  • Title
  • Description


  • bread crumbs
  • H1-H6
  • The first paragraph
  • Text (plain / fragment, selection - bold / italics)
  • Outgoing / Incoming Links
  • tables
  • lists
  • shape
  • Alt'y

During the first 9 months there was no significant growth positions in Yandex, the 10th month of the promotion there was an increase to 87% in the top. It happened because we made a mistake is not quite clear: not included in the Title important words "turnkey" in the subject many requests contain requests for the word "projects" and Title titles contain the word.

Search engines consider that we are moving not for commercial needs, and rank our site as a portal of information rather than a site of services. We changed the headers Title and corrected H1 headlines to search completely rescale the page and updated data, further rearrange projects of houses and change the display output from the point of view HTML-code and further reinforced the positive social factors. All the main page was sent to re-index in Yandex.

3 weeks after the introduction of changes to the middle of October, we received the result from 25% to 81% in the top 10 Yandex, after a slight pullback was up 77%.

In Google it was sad for a year, 92% of all items are not included even in the top 100. We created a website exactly as requested search by all the canons, that he liked to users. Yandex is praised, giving us 81% in the top 10, the Google stubbornly did not want to notice us.

We have advanced a variety of hypotheses, up to the one that Google does not like the domain name, or it is under the ban, so we changed twice domain names in advance - in June and September 2019. It has produced no tangible results, Google simply refused to rank the site.

As a result, we have decided that the achievement of Topa in Google for a new site in such a competitive niche is impossible without progress by reference.

We set ourselves the goal for the next 3 months from December 2019 to February 2020:

  • Make a website visible to Google (enter TOP50-100).
  • Measure the impact of links in Yandex.

In early December 2019, we began to work with the links (previously we posted 50 directories (in the summer of 2019, 30 of which will be displayed in the office of Webmaster). No other work from October 2019 to February 2020 was conducted in order to eliminate the influence of other factors.

Usually customers, we carry out various working capacity of references, such as building up a new site first "safety cushion".

After implementing a strategy to build trust and credibility with the various sites and the strategies:

In this case, we wanted to experiment with a cheaper and less labor-intensive method of obtaining reference mass, as well as check how the rental links from SAPE. We could not afford it, because the project is a pilot, we want at the lowest cost to get the result and are willing to wait, do not carry out other work on the project.

As a result of this work on placement of links that we have started on 4 December positions in Yandex changed in the top 10 with 77% to 87%, and in the top 3 with 35% to 47%:

The key factor is strong growth visibility, ie, in the top began to go and grow is the RF needs.

And Google finally got off the ground, and at the end of December there was a strong growth positions in the top 20-100. That already makes it possible to put the squeeze on the necessary position to the exit in the top 10, and then the Top-3.

SerpStat also began to record significant growth in key phrases in Google:

How is the placement of links

We decided to test the first stage of automated methods of work and post links through SeoWizard. With this tool automatic promotion, using the strategy of "default", were purchased links of all types:

  • lease - 608 pieces;
  • eternal - 14 pieces;
  • Social - 51 pieces;
  • Crowd-links - 30 pieces;
  • through 200 pieces.

Following the results of the analysis in a month it was revealed that 300+ references were purchased unstaged pages in Google and, accordingly, do not affect the results of the promotion.

We have decided to remove these links. 150 more links will not be displayed in the Google Webmaster's office, it was decided to leave these links for another month.

Within a month SeoWizard bought another 120 references instead captured 300 pieces. We re-analyzed the pages for indexing on Google and pages that are displayed in the Google Webmaster's office and then removed all links that are not taken into account Google.

All references SeoWizard placed automatically in their algorithms. All Wizard'a settings were displayed by default. Additionally it added 15 spellings of the brand and the domain of the company in a variety of formats:

Intermediate picture of purchased links:

To reducing the number of links lease, investments amounted to about 8000 rubles. monthly. Cross-cutting links are not purchased in the automatic mode (for this bug has been advised of service support). In total during the experiment, it spent about 20 thousand. Rubles.

After filtering, the reference monthly cost of maintaining the current reference was 3300 rubles.

I want to emphasize that all purchased automatic algorithm, so the investment in the link could be reduced by 30% -40% for manual purchase.

To check the indexation of links used NetPeak Checker tool. To remove the reference mass, we used functional SAPE.

Since the website started to take positions on the fattest HF requests in Yandex, significantly increased% conversion in the application:

Yandex traffic is also growing, even though the whole winter off-season was in the niche, and in front of the construction season and the expected strong seasonal growth.

In Google as long as traffic is because it does not prompt you to the top 10 and this field for further experiments.


This case can be considered as a successful experiment in:

  1. the conclusion of important queries in the top 3 and the improvement of positions in the top 10 in Yandex;
  2. top Google website ranking in the top 20-100.

Today there are more than 800 ranking factors in Yandex, and more than 300 at Google. At the same time, as we have seen at first hand reference factors are some of the key to Google. Perhaps we can get a result, and without references, long and hard looking for the mercy of Google, but we decided to try an alternative solution.

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